There is a 1.5% processing fee for using any Amex card with Sniip. 

Yes. If you have a rewards credit card you will earn FULL POINTS on all your bills at 1.5%. 

Sure can! Sniip allows users to pay most billers with an Amex card using a BPAY Biller Code and Reference Number. 

Please note: Unfortunately DEFT payments are not currently approved with Amex. 

Why? There are some additional Amex requirements which we need to satisfy in order to process DEFT payments. We hope this will be available in the future and will let you know as soon as DEFT is available for Amex cards again.

This breaks our heart but we’re working on a solution. 

Unfortunately, as DEFT payments don’t allow us to see who the final bill provider is, they are not currently approved with Amex. 

Rest assured, we’re working on a solution and hope to turn DEFT back on in the near future.

You are still able to use a Visa or Mastercard for DEFT payments. We will let you know as soon as DEFT is available for Amex cards again.

Sniip has a direct partnership agreement with Amex. This allowed our processing fee to drop from 2.2% (2020) to 1.5% (2021 and beyond). 

The advantage of using Sniip is that you earn on all your bills using Sniip (including at the ATO).

Unfortunately, we are restricted from allowing payments to certain billers using credit facilities, as determined by BPAY and our banking partners. 

This means, you aren’t able to pay credit facilities with a credit card. Should you wish to pay this biller with a debit card (0% processing fee), we could facilitate this transaction.

When you add a credit card to the Sniip app, we process a $1 charge to authorise your card. Rest assured this amount is refunded in full to your card within 48 hours.