Why startups should love #Budget2018


#Budget2018 was announced recently and, as usual, has resulted in an avalanche of feedback. Some of it has been positive. Some of it has been negative. Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman, Kate Carnell, even described it simply as

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Between a Rock and a Soft Copy, part 2: The struggle for billers.


As mentioned in a previous post [here], the recent treasury consultation paper into billing is to be commended for exploring ways to keep the Australian billing landscape fair. However, the paper also recognises several conflicting truths when it comes to

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Between a Rock and a Soft Copy, part 1


Late last year the treasury released a consultation paper on the issue of paper billing. The paper raised the notion of banning, limiting or otherwise pushing back against any companies who were charging customers for opting to receive their bills

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Breathe easier this New Year


The start of a new year is a great time for planning. But it can be easy to forget that our ability to implement these plans often largely depends on a steady cash flow. And this is a fact that

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3 must-haves for paperless billing


So, you’ve decided to go paperless when it comes to your billing. This could mean a whole range of cost savings, environmental benefits, and added convenience for your customers. But buyer beware – not all paperless billing solutions are created

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Three ways fintech can help your business


When it comes to new technologies for SMEs, there are now a million new ways to streamline operations, and automate the delivery of offerings. Many of these options may depend on your industry. Accounting firms are all about the cloud

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It’s your fault you’re not getting paid.


Why don’t my customers ever pay on time? It’s a question business owners have been asking since the dawn of commerce. The answer could be that your customers are just not nice people. They want to use your services, but

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Three reasons to go paperless


Because it’s 2017. Can we end the blog post there? But in all seriousness, the majority of us do appear to favour a paperless environment in many ways. We consume news from our mobile phones often via social media, we

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