What is Sniip?


Sniip turns your smartphone into the ultimate bill payment experience. Sniip is a free mobile app that allows you to pay a bill in less than 10 seconds! Once registered, you simply scan a Sniip code and confirm your payment

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Do I have to sign-in or create an account to use Sniip?


Yes. You must create your account for security purposes. During this process you will also get to set up your mobile wallet, including your payment information and a secure 4-digit PIN. This information will be securely saved on your mobile

Do I have to sign-in or create an account to use Sniip?2018-11-14T15:56:13+00:00

Is Sniip Secure?


Absolutely! Sniip uses SSL connections to securely transfer information between the mobile device and the service provider’s payment portal.

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Why should I trust Sniip?


The credit/debit card details are shared only with the service provider you transact with, as you would normally do when paying directly via their website. In fact, we never even see your credit card details! Sniip is more secure than

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What if I lose my phone?


If you lose or misplace your phone, please email us at info@sniip.com. We can terminate your account which will stop the app working and remove all information from your phone permanently. If your phone is stolen, your credit card details aren’t

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How do I make a payment with Sniip?


Very simple: just point the Sniip scanner wherever you see a circular QR (Sniip) code, confirm your payment information and complete your purchase with a secure 4-digit PIN. Alternatively, you can set a calendar reminder and pay later. It’s that

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Who am I paying?


You pay directly to the service provider. Payment processing is done directly by the service provider, Sniip never holds any money.

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How does Sniip work?


Sniip securely stores information that is required to complete an payment. When you make a payment, Sniip communicates with the service provider and passes on the required information so your transaction can be completed. Because you create a mobile wallet

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