Do I have to sign-in or create an account to use Sniip?


Yes. You must create your account for security purposes. During this process you will also get to set up your mobile wallet, including your payment information and a secure 4-digit PIN. This information will be securely saved on your mobile

Do I have to sign-in or create an account to use Sniip?2017-07-11T13:29:56+00:00

How do I make a payment with Sniip?


Very simple: just point the Sniip scanner wherever you see a circular QR (Sniip) code, confirm your payment information and complete your purchase with a secure 4-digit PIN. Alternatively, you can set a calendar reminder and pay later. It’s that

How do I make a payment with Sniip?2017-07-11T13:31:08+00:00

Who am I paying?


You pay directly to the service provider. Payment processing is done directly by the service provider, Sniip never holds any money.

Who am I paying?2017-07-11T13:30:05+00:00

Can I change the dollar amount to be paid?


Yes! Once you scan your bill, simply amend the amount to be paid and continue through the checkout process. Please note, changing the amount is only available for some service providers. If your bill cannot be amended, the option to

Can I change the dollar amount to be paid?2017-07-11T13:30:13+00:00

Will I get a receipt?


Yes. After a successful payment you will get a transaction receipt which is stored in your history tab. This receipt can be emailed from the app.

Will I get a receipt?2018-08-13T16:05:12+00:00

What is Sniip’s refund policy?


Since all payments are fulfilled by well-known service providers, please refer to their specific refund policy or email us at

What is Sniip’s refund policy?2017-07-11T13:27:38+00:00

Does Sniip store my order/purchase history?


We back up your payment history on our secure server for audit purposes and so you can store your receipts on the app. That way you can refer back to them anytime. We will never transfer your purchase history to

Does Sniip store my order/purchase history?2017-07-11T13:31:21+00:00