Mobile payment solution offered to residents as Gympie Regional Council roll out Sniip on their latest round of Rates notices.

Gympie Times:

Paying your bills is one of those chores that somehow finds itself at the bottom of the jobs list, and on a bad week ends in overdue charges being tacked on.

Going to the post office on your lunch break, battling complex online payment systems or waiting on hold as the minutes tick by is not an ideal way to deal with bills which pop up on a weekly or monthly basis.

The designers of the Sniip® App certainly thought there could be an easier way, and Gympie Regional Council has now joined Toowoomba in leading the way in embracing this innovative mobile payment application.

Easily downloadable with Apple (iOS) or Android (Google Play) devices, this application is dripping with convenience and will cut precious minutes out of your bill paying time.

Sniip chief executive officer Damien Vasta said he was thrilled that Gympie is also leading the way in innovative digital reform.

“The Gympie Regional Council wanted to identify a special channel for paying rates bill with a mobile device,” Mr Vasta said.

“We know people don’t like paying bills, but we can at least make it an easier and less time-consuming experience.

“Sniip helps avoid having to line up at Australia Post service centres, or spend time on the phone talking to a machine,” he said.

The major difference with the Sniip App is its customer focused design.

Unlike most other payment applications, which are focussed around the service provider, Sniip focuses on the customer by allowing you to create a virtual wallet.

This means you can pay your rates bill anywhere, anytime – it puts convenience back in the hands of the consumer.

Sniip is the first new payment option on government bills since BPAY and is currently the only dedicated mobile payment channel.

Gympie Regional Council is only the second council in Australia to offer Sniip available as a payment option to residents – the first being Toowoomba Regional Council in November last year.

Gympie’s decision to implement Sniip is a reflection of their attitude towards innovation and their commitment to improving the customer experience for their residents.

What’s next for Sniip?

Consumers also have the ability to use Sniip for retail, with more businesses signing up to market their products with the Sniip scanning technology.

This means that not only can you use your digital wallet in Sniip to pay bills but also to go shopping!

How it works

  • Download Sniip® application on your mobile device
  • Create an account (only required once) with a secure 4-digit PIN
  • Enter your bank card/s information – manually or by photographing card
  • Scan the special QR code on rates notice
  • Confirm payment with your 4-digit PIN


  • No payment information stored online or on cloud based servers
  • Safer than carrying around your physical wallet
  • 4-digit PIN always required to make payment/purchases
  • Personal information is encrypted on your mobile device for your security
  • 4-digit PIN needed to access your account
  • Compliant with highest standard (PCI) of online payment apps
  • If your phone is stolen, payment details aren’t accessible. Your 4-digit PIN is required to view and edit any payment information. Sniip® can also delete your account if requested.

Gympie council uses sniip as a mobile payment option for bill payments