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Sniip has partnered with American Express, pay all your bills and earn full points. 

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Sniip is  a great way to collect points for a BPAY merchant that does not normally accept credit cards and you are looking to boost your points balance. 

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Using points to fly Business Class is like alchemy – turning metal into gold.


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Thanks Sniip, I’d highly recommend you to other businesses and thank you for your great customer service.

Points Calculator

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Amex Velocity Business Card
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* Please note: the above calculator is an estimate and not an exhaustive list of the Amex cards you can use with Sniip. Sniip accepts all American Express cards.

This information is provided as a guide only, please refer to the Amex website for the most accurate information or contact Amex directly.

The Value of Points​

Why Sniip?

Sniip allows you to get the most points on your personal bills, whilst also helping you manage your bills seamlessly in the one app. Sniip makes it easier to determine value from ALL your personal bills.

Whether it’s an around the world trip, or an upgrade to business class, travel is always the best use of your points!

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The sky is the limit ✈️ 🥂

When you pay your bills with Sniip, you unlock the full earning potential of your Amex Membership Rewards Points. Use your amex to pay bills with Sniip. 

Paying a $30,000 bill could mean a Brisbane to Sydney return trip in Business Class, all paid for with points!*

Every point counts! Maybe you’re saving your points for a one way ticket to London? Accumulating Amex Membership Rewards Points throughout the year by paying your rates, insurance or tax bill means that the sky is the limit. Pay bills with amex with Sniip!

*General advice only, please refer to the Amex website for the most accurate information. 

We prioritise your payment security

Sniip is a trusted partner of Amex. Payment security is of the highest priority at Sniip.

We have never had a security breach in our 8+ years of operations and have quarterly vulnerability scans to try and penetrate our systems. Our systems have never been penetrated. 

Sniip is proud to have achieved and maintains Tier 1 Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance.

This mean you can rest assured that your payments are protected by the highest safety and encryption standards. 

Sniip is a BPSP (Bill Payment Service Provider), which means when you make a payment through us becomes a two-legged transaction. The day that we receive your funds is the day you bill gets paid. We do not hold onto your funds. The payment that you make to us will appear on your statement as ‘Sniip Ltd’. 

We have processed over $200 million worth of Amex transactions to date. 

For more detailed information, you can read our terms and conditions. 

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Sniip offer's the lowest processing fees for personal payments.
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Sniip offer's a tiered pricing structure for Business or Corporate payments.


There is a 1.5% (incl GST) processing fee for using any Amex card with Sniip. 

Yes. If you have a rewards credit card you will earn FULL POINTS on all your bills at 1.5% (incl GST). 

Sure can! Sniip allows users to pay most billers with an Amex card using a BPAY Biller Code and Reference Number. 

Please note: Unfortunately DEFT payments are not currently approved with Amex. 

Why? There are some additional Amex requirements which we need to satisfy in order to process DEFT payments. We hope this will be available in the future and will let you know as soon as DEFT is available for Amex cards again.

This breaks our heart but we’re working on a solution. 

Unfortunately, as DEFT payments don’t allow us to see who the final bill provider is, they are not currently approved with Amex. 

Rest assured, we’re working on a solution and hope to turn DEFT back on in the near future.

You are still able to use a Visa or Mastercard for DEFT payments. We will let you know as soon as DEFT is available for Amex cards again.

Sniip has a direct partnership agreement with Amex. This allowed our processing fee to drop from 2.2% (2020) to 1.5% (2021 and beyond). 

The advantage of using Sniip is that you earn full points on all of your bills (including at the ATO).

Unfortunately, we are restricted from allowing payments to certain billers using credit facilities, as determined by BPAY and our banking partners. 

This means, you aren’t able to pay credit facilities with a credit card. Should you wish to pay this biller with a bank account (0% processing fee), we could facilitate this transaction.

When you add a credit card to the Sniip app, we process a $1 charge to authorise your card. Rest assured this amount is refunded in full to your card within 48 hours.