New Feature alert: Instalment Payments

We completely understand 2020 was a tough year for most and we could often do with a little more time to get those never-ending bill payments sorted!

Enter, Sniip instalment plans. You can now pay off any bill in instalments with Sniip.

Simply enter the due date and select how many instalments you’d like to pay the bill off in. 

Sniip creates you an instalment plan and helps you clearly understand the amount and time of each payment.

Please note, this isn’t a ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ offering (watch this space) – rather, this feature gives you the flexibility to pay off your bill in instalments, without missing the due date.

With Sniip instalments, we pay your bill off in instalments to the biller as we receive the money from you. We don’t hold any funds in the Sniip app, nor do we provide credit.    

Most billers are okay with receiving your bill in instalments as long as they’ve received all the funds by the due date. We calculate this for you as part of your instalment plan. 

To create an instalment plan, follow the simple steps below:

  1. Import your bill to the Sniip app using your method of choice
  2. Tap the ‘Schedule’ button
  3. Select create Instalments plan
  4. Customise the details on the following 4 pages to create an instalment plan that suits you

The schedule payments you have created through the instalment plan can be viewed via the schedule tab. The payments will go out on the date that you selected when creating the instalment plan.

If there’s a feature you’d like to see in the Sniip app, let us know! Email or phone (07) 3268 7710.

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