A Sniippet of weekly news #7 – May 2020

Welcome back to our third edition of a Sniippet of news. 

In this issue, we have crammed in some extra goodness with two new sections: personal finance tips and our meme of the week. It is always good to balance the helpful with the absurd.

Our one-minute weekly recap takes time to TikTok, look at some important stats, and who wants to buy Virgin. 

The one-minute weekly recap

A Snippet for You

Check your super balance. Australians scammed out of thousands via the coronavirus early release scheme, ABC News, 1 June

  • Identity thieves have set up myGov accounts and lodged fake early release super applications worth up to $10,000 each
  • The government and ATO say they have tightened up security measures
  • Check your super balances for any unauthorised withdrawals

NSW to open gyms on 13 June, ABC News, 2 June

  • Group classes will be permitted, but class sizes will be capped at 10 people
  • Gyms have already reopened in Western Australia, South Australia, the ACT, and the Northern Territory
  • Kids sports can resume from 1 July

Telstra powers up 5G footprint as new spectrum comes into picture, SMH, 26 May

  • Telstra’s 5G network will reach at least 35 cities by June
  • The auction of the 5G ‘millimetre wave’ (mmWave) spectrum is scheduled for early 2021
  • The mmWave spectrum can be used to deliver high speeds over the mobile network and develop fixed-line services, which can compete directly with the NBN

Melbourne’s Little Italy, Lygon Street, may not recover, ABC News, 1 June

  • The famous restaurant strip has one of the highest vacancy rates in Melbourne
  • “I know of quite a few businesses that were just on the edge, and I think something like this will just throw them over,” Alex Brosca, owner of the restaurant Papa Ginos
  • Melbourne’s Italian community has been getting smaller

Facebook is making it easier to bulk-delete your embarrassing old posts, The Verge, 2 June

  • An upcoming feature will allow you to bulk-delete old posts
  • You will be able to filter by people and time
  •  It will be available on the mobile apps first

Tiger King’s Carole Baskin handed control of Joe Exotic’s zoo, The Guardian, June 2

  • A further twist in the Tiger King story has emerged, with Carole Baskin gaining control of Joe Exotic’s zoo after Exotic failed to pay her $1m in copyright and trademark suit
  • Joe Exotic is currently serving 22 years in prison after being found guilty of animal abuse and plotting to murder Baskin

A Sniippet of Finance advice

How to get rich – make a lot or save a lot? AFR, May 22

  • Spending should always be a function of what you can afford. Practise mindful spending.
  • Recognise that your willpower is finite. Strike for balance rather than rigid frugality.
  • Experiences tend to beat material goods in terms of money well spent

A Sniippet of Brain food

How to Deal With Rejection: A Science-Based Approach

  • Brain scans show that rejection feels similar to physical pain
  • Blame rejection on the circumstances rather than the other person. Work out how to improve those circumstances next time.
  • Do not take it personally, one success or failure will not define you
  • Use rejections as information sources for improvement
  • The best defense against rejection is success. The more success you have, the smaller will be the pain from rejection.

A Sniippet of Trivia

Music Synchronizes the Brains of Performers and Their Audience, Scientific American, 2 June

  • A new paper in the journal NeuroImage finds that the brain activities of an audience and performer synchronize during a performance 
  • The greater the degree of synchrony, the study found, the more the audience enjoys the performance 
  • Musical performances caused increases in oxygenated blood flow to areas of the brain related to understanding patterns, interpersonal intentions and expression

A Sniippet of Fun

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