Three ways to make paperless billing work for your customers

Overcome customer complaints and reap the rewards of paperless billing!

Business expenses can sometimes feel never-ending. Office rent and supplies, software costs, electricity, wages, accounting, marketing, client entertainment… the list just seems to go on and on.

So with so many unavoidable expenses, why are so many business owners still paying for expenses they really don’t need to pay?

I’m talking about paper billing.

As well as being convenient and better for the environment, switching your business to paperless billing is one way to instantly get rid of this unnecessary expense. In fact, businesses can instantly save up to 75% on billing costs by reducing the need for paper, postage and manpower.

But to make paperless billing work for both you and your customer, you may need to ensure your billing system overcomes some of the more common complaints – below.

“Paperless bills get lost”

With the average person receiving dozens, if not hundreds of emails a day, it is easy for them to complain of a missed bill. Paperless billing via email isn’t really a solution.

Instead, you should choose a paperless billing method that involves automated push notifications sent straight to your customers’ smart phone. A notification on their phone is much easier to spot than an email, making it far more likely to result in the bill being paid on time.

“I already have too many passwords to remember”

Not another password! Many customers resist signing up for online payments because they don’t wish to create a different account for every provider.

This is a problem we wanted to resolve at Sniip. When you sign up with us, your customers only need to sign up once too, and remember just one 4-digit password in order to pay every single one of their bills future. This means they can make payments without having to log in and out of numerous accounts, which makes it easier than ever to stay on top of multiple bills – but most importantly, yours!

“I want to access previous statements”

There can be something comforting about filing paperwork, but digital record keeping can actually be far easier – so long as your paperless billing service provides this functionality. Choosing an automated payment app that allows clients to view all past transactions will be key.

The benefits here are obvious. No more searching through paper filing systems, or trawling through emails! Accessing personal or business spending is made easier for your customers through smart, efficient paperless billing systems. You just need to make sure you choose the right one!

Save your business thousands and switch to paperless billing with Sniip.

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