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Toowoomba takes to Sniip!

The availability of new payment option “Sniip” has seen ratepayers in Toowoomba take to mobile payments in large numbers.

Sniip, which allows a consumer to make a secure payment on their mobile using a 4-digit PIN was introduced successfully on Toowoomba Water Notices in November 2015 as an Australian first. Sniip has since been offered to Toowoomba residents on rates notices, and has been overwhelmingly accepted by a population ready to embrace a digital payment option that is safe and easy to use.

Toowoomba Regional Council Chief Financial Officer Arun Pratap said he has been very pleasantly surprised by the uptake of Sniip in the region.

“We just wanted to give our residents a new option that was all about secure and convenient payments using your mobile. We understand that this is the way the world is moving – we just didn’t realise how ready people were for this today,” said Mr Pratap.

“Just seeing the increase in people using Sniip from November to now is confirmation that Council needed to offer this option to residents. The positive feedback from users really backs that up.”

Sniip CEO Damien Vasta said he is most encouraged to know that people are finding Sniip easy to use.

“We know everyone is using their mobile for everything else, but until now, making payments on a mobile has been awkward and time-consuming,” said Mr Vasta.

“For Sniip to be accepted by Toowoomba and other Councils, we not only needed to offer them a payment channel that was all about the mobile, we needed to make it both safe and speedy via an app that is extremely easy for customers to use. The increase in usage from the first Toowoomba notice to the second is great evidence that we are doing something right,” he said.

Sniip will be also available as a payment option for the residents of Gympie on their next rates notice, with more Councils and Utilities companies to follow in the coming weeks.

The Sniip app is available to download for free from the App Store and Google Play.