Considering paperless billing? Our three must haves

So, you’ve decided to go paperless when it comes to your billing. This could mean a whole range of cost savings, environmental benefits, and added convenience for your customers.

But buyer beware – not all paperless billing solutions are created equal (email, we’re looking at you). And there’s no point ditching the paper just yet, if you haven’t worked out exactly what you’re looking for in a paperless solution.

Below are three must-haves for any paperless billing system, to make the switch worthwhile for you and your customers.

  • Integrated solution

When thinking about billing, it can be easy to forget the other side of the equation – payments. You only bill so you can get paid, so why use two different vendors for the one transaction?

If we consider email billing as a digital strategy, the break in transaction from email presentment to website payment portals often results in increased late payments or mistyped reference numbers, which that leads to paper reminder notices and higher overheads. Email is only one part of an overall digital solution that still requires the missing piece of the puzzle; an easy way for people to make payments.

Find a billing solution that is integrated with your payments solution, preferably from the same provider. This should provide a far more seamless experience for both parties to the transaction.

  • Bank card and phone agnostic

Basically everything happens from our mobile phone these days, so it makes sense that a paperless solution is designed accordingly. It’s probably also pretty safe to say that we are all still paying from a bank or credit card these days.

But on both of these fronts, there is still a wide variety of banks and phone types used by your different customers. So, your customers need to be able to pay you regardless of which bank, credit union, card provider, or mobile device they are using to do so. Go bank card and phone type agnostic, and no one will be left behind.

  • Industry agnostic

This same “agnostic” principle applies to the industries of your industries your paperless billing solution services. Because even if your customers love paying your bill using your new paperless solution, they will love it even more if they can pay ALL their bills using this same solution!

So, find a billing solution that can be used across the board, not just for your specific industry or company. You will be helping your customers fight password fatigue, and giving them a true level of convenience and value.