Bank Accounts:
Paying from a BSB & Account Number

How to pay using a BSB and Account number.

Adding and verifying your BSB & Account Number

Zero processing fees

Use the Sniip app without any processing fees by connecting your Bank Account. Get set-up now with two simple steps:  

1. Verify your identity 
2. Add your BSB & Account Number

Verification for Bank Accounts

Your payment security is our top priority! Before adding your BSB & Account Number, you need to verify your identity in the Sniip app. 

User verification is a quick and painless process and is an important part of our card security and fraud prevention measures. This process is for the protection of your accounting so that you can pay with comfort and certainty. 

Please note, in order to successfully verify your identity, your legal name must match the name on your Driver License/Passport. Check-out further information on how to update your legal first name

What is a BSB & Account Number?

A BSB number stands for Bank State Branch, and is a six digit number that identifies the bank, state and branch of your bank account. 

An account number is a unique number used to identify your bank account. 

Paying from a BSB & Account Number


Short answer: Two to three days. 

When a bank account payment is made through Sniip, it will move to the processing stage within two business days. This component of the transaction utilises the BPAY scheme and is subject to the BPAY terms.

The cut-off times for Sniip to receive your payment for processing within two business days is as follows:

  • 6pm AEDT/5pm AEST

Please allow sufficient time for your payment to be processed. Funds take roughly 24 hours to finalise and be deposited into the billers account. We suggest always paying your bills three days in advance.

You can find a time stamped receipt under the ‘History’ in the Sniip app. Here, you’ll see the exact time your payment was made to your biller via BPAY. The biller must recognise the BPAY payment as the date that the bill was paid.

Great question! You can update the payment method for any scheduled or recurring payment by going into the ‘Payments’ tab in the Sniip app. 

Tap on the payment you want to update, then tap ‘Edit Payment’ and ‘Edit Recurring Payment’ if you’re amending the payment method on a recurring payment. 

Tap the ‘Next’ button. Swipe through your Payment Methods to find the correct one and tap ‘Next’. Review the details for this payment, select ‘Confirm’ and then enter your PIN/Face ID.

Please note: You need to repeat this process for each of the scheduled bills you want to update. 

You will see this error message if incorrect details have been entered. We’d recommend checking to ensure the details you provided are correct. 

If you’re still experiencing this issue, please contact our Sniip Support Squad on (07) 3268 7710 or email 

When adding your bank account, Sniip will deposit a small amount to verify the information you provided. 

Once you’ve added your account details, check your bank account and look for a deposit called SN. Copy the five characters after ‘SN’. 

Go back to the Sniip app, enter the five numbers and enter ‘Verify now’. If successful, you should see the ‘Bank account verified’ screen!

When adding a bank account to your Sniip wallet, we will need to verify your identity. 

Sniip is a regulated Bill Payment Service provider and we are a member of BPAY.  This requires us to undertake significant compliance assessments in order to provide our service. 

As part of this commitment, Sniip is required to identify our customers and verify that their information is correct for the purpose of addressing Anti Money-Laundering/Counter-Terrorism Funding risk, fraud and misappropriation risk, as well as requirements imposed by our banking and regulatory partners. 

We usually review your verification submission within one (1) business day.

You will be notified when your verification has been approved.

To ensure your account gets approved as soon as possible, please ensure you upload a copy of your current Driver Licence or passport that clearly shows your full name, date of birth and photograph. 

Our team is working hard to verify each Sniip account as quickly as possible.

Customer protection, card security and fraud prevention are the highest priorities at Sniip.

In the meantime, please check if you have received an email from our customer service team requesting any further information or clarification.

You will receive a notification when your account has been verified. For any urgent payments, please contact us on
(07) 3268 7710 and we will assist in any way possible. 

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