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Scan, Pay, Schedule. 
All your bills, one app.

Find out how to pay your bills, all in the one place, in less than 20 seconds!

Sniip is a free mobile app for iOS and Android that allows you to pay your bills, all in the one place. Sniip supports all payment methods and bank networks, allowing you to pay your bills from one central app. Sniip is bank and card agnostic, meaning you can pay with whichever card or bank you like, for whichever bill you like, in less than 20 seconds!

Step 1. Sign up

To sign up for a Sniip account, download the app from the Apple Store or the Google Store. Open up the app and tap ‘Sign Up’.

Select how you want to sign up and follow the prompts.

(When creating your profile, make sure you enter your legal name!) 

We will then ask you to validate your mobile number with a six digit code, as required by our banking partners. 

Customer protection, card security and fraud prevention are the highest priority at Sniip! All of your details are secure – we never share your information with any other third party. 

Step 2. Add a payment method

To add a payment method to your Sniip Wallet, tap the ‘Wallet’ icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the Sniip app. 

The first time you add a payment method, you’ll see a ‘+’ in the payment methods screen. 

Tap this icon and add your preferred payment method into your Sniip Wallet! 

Sniip also supports Apple Pay and Google Pay. You’ll automatically see Apple Pay or Google Pay as the first option on the pay screen, if your biller supports BPAY. 



Step 3. Scan and pay your first bill

Using Sniip’s scan-to-pay feature, you can turn your paper/ PDF bills into digital bills within the Sniip app and pay them directly from your mobile phone. 

All you need to do is locate the BPAY Biller Code or Sniip QR code on your bill. 

Open the scanner from the home screen of the Sniip app and tap Scan, position the code in the middle of the guides and ensure you have ample lighting! 

Sniip will recognise the code and prompt you to add your bill and any additional info. 

There’s a lot to love about the Sniip app!

See below to learn all about the Sniip menu functionality!

Icons/Tab Bar Menu/Current Menu/Home

Tap the Home icon whenever you're in the Sniip app to navigate back to the homepage. From here you can view all your upcoming bills that have been imported or scanned into Sniip.

The Scheduled icon displays all your bills that have been scheduled for future payments. Click on the icon above to learn all about scheduling payments.

Icons/Tab Bar Menu/Current Menu/History

Think of the History icon as your filing cabinet for transaction receipts. All your successful payments will be stored here.

Icons/Tab Bar Menu/Current Menu/Wallet

The Wallet icon is where you can review, add or delete a payment method. Sniip ensures all your credit card data is encrypted and securely stored.

 The Side Menu

If you tap the hamburger icon in the top left of the Sniip app, you can reveal your account details, m-Billing, email imports, rewards, settings and much more! 

m-Billing Subscriptions allow you to manage, or create new subscriptions to m-Billings enabled billers. To find out more about m-Billing, read out FAQ’s

Support a Charity allows you to select from, and make donations too, a range of Sniip supported charities. 

Help includes FAQs, as well as a way to contact Sniip if you have any issues or questions about the app.  

Need more help? Our Sniip Support Squad are always happy to chat! 


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