How‏‏‎ to enjoy Sniip's effortless Bill Payment

Getting Started for the First Time

  1. Choose to sign up with either your mobile or email
  2. You will have to confirm your mobile or email with a 6 digit code
  3. Follow the prompts and enter the rest of your details
  4. Congratulations! You now have a Sniip account! 
  5. Add your payment method by scanning your credit/debit card or entering the details manually

Time to scan your ‏‏first ‏‏‎bill

  • Locate the BPAY logo or Sniip QR code on your bill – this could be an electronic pdf file or a paper bill
  • Open the scanner from the home screen by clicking Scan a bill
  • Position the code in the middle of the guides
  • Ensure you have sufficient lighting
  • Tap one of the logos at the bottom of the screen to only scan for that type of code on your bill
  • Sniip will recognise the code and prompt you to add your bill and any additional info

Inside Sniip

On‏‏‎ the Home Screen

When you open your Sniip app you will be greeted with three tabs that keep your bills organised. The default screen is your To Do list, filled with actionable items that need your attention. From this default screen, you can also scan and create a bill to add to your To Do list. The Scheduled tab stores all the upcoming bill payments that you have scheduled for a later date. You can edit these payments in the Scheduled tab before they are processed. Your History tab acts as an in-app bank statement, keeping a record of any successful transactions.

Inside the Main Menu

The hamburger menu in the top left-hand corner slides out to reveal your stored payment methods, account details, how to get in contact with Sniip and a logout option.
m-Billing Subscriptions allows you to manage, or create new, subscriptions to m-Billing enabled billers, find out more in this tutorial video.
Archive is where you can find all of your paid bill, or bills that you have archived yourself.
Support a Charity allows you to select from, and make donations to, a range of Sniip supported charities.
Help includes FAQs, as well as a way to contact Sniip if you have any issues or questions about the app.



  • Scan a Sniip, or BPAY Biller code from your bill
  • Fill out the required information about your bill and tap Add
  • Tap the Pay button
  • Fill in your payment details
  • Review and Confirm your details and view your receipt
  • For more information on the fastest way to pay, watch a tutorial video.


  • Once you have a bill inside your Sniip app, click on it in the To Do list to bring up the Bill Details
  • Either tap the Clock icon or tap on the Pay Button and change “Pay Now” to “Pay Later”
  • Fill in your payment details and select when you want to pay the bill.
  • For an in-depth tutorial on how to schedule payments on your bill, check out this tutorial video.

Bill ‏‏‎Import

  • Open the bill you want to import. It is usually attachment to an email.
  • For Android: Click the More Options icon and select Send File before selecting the Sniip app
  • For iOS: Click the Share icon and select the Sniip App
  • Tap the Import Bill button
  • Find a tutorial video on how to import PDF copies of your bills here.


  • Click on a bill in the To Do list to bring up the Bill Details
  • Select Attachments under the manage heading
  • Either click a attachment to view it or click the Plus Button to add a new one
  • Recycle that paper bill
  • Find a tutorial video on how to upload and view your attachments here.


  • Click on a bill in the To Do list to bring up the Bill Details
  • Set reminders from here
  • Select the day you wish to receive a push notification about your bill


  • Select m-Billing Subscriptions from the Side Menu
  • Tap the Add New m-Bill button
  • Tap the Scan a Bill button then scan the Sniip QR Code on your bill
  • Click the Send m-Billing Request button
  • Once approved, all your future bills from that biller will be delivered directly into your Sniip app
  • For more information on how to set up m-Billing, watch the tutorial video found here.


Fastest ‏‏‎way to pay

Set up m-Billing

Import a bill

Managing a‏‎ttachments

Schedule a payment