Our Story

Developing a platform that empowers its users, brings value and ease to their lives, and streamlines the bill payment process.

Founded in 2014 by Damien Vasta, Brisbane-based Sniip is one of Queensland’s most highly regarded financial technology companies. 

Originally offering a circular QR code on bills including Brisbane City Council, Queensland football legend and Sniip shareholder, Darren Lockyer became the face of the brand. 

In 2019, Sniip partnered with BPAY to unlock payments to more than 60,000 BPAY Billers in Australia. In 2020, Sniip partnered with American Express. In 2023, Sniip launched its much-anticipated payments to a billers BSB & Account Number. 

In its current form, Sniip is a mobile-based bill-payment service empowering both individuals and businesses to pay bills on their own terms, using any payment source. Sniip puts control back in the hands of users by allowing them to make payments their way, without needing to log into multiple banking platforms. 

Our users truly lie in the centre of everything we do, from enabling all payment methods, to facilitating payments to all major service providers. We are passionate about providing individuals and businesses with freedom to take control of their finances, while enjoying the benefit of earning full reward points on their payments. With Sniip, paying bills is no longer a one-size-fits-all approach; it’s a personalised experience that empowers users to have complete freedom when paying both personal and business bills. We do one thing only – bill payments – but we do it well.

Our Board

Our esteemed Board of Directors brings a wealth of diverse knowledge and perspectives, collectively guiding Sniip with invaluable insights.

Calvin Treacy


Damien Vasta

Managing Director

Virginia Waterhouse

Non-Executive Director

Darren Wright

Non-Executive Director

Our Team

From developers to marketing, compliance and customer success, these are the movers, the shakers and the makers of Sniip.

Our Ownership 

Sniip is a public-unlisted company.

To join the waitlist for investing in Sniip, please contact investors@sniip.com or phone (07) 3268 7710.