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Turn your bills into rewards points!

It is almost impossible to earn points when paying your bills using multiple cards. Pay through Sniip and you can earn full points from your rewards programs on the majority of your bills.

Earn full points on:

  • Energy bills
  • ATO bills
  • Rent and Body Corporate
  • Phone & internet bills
  • Utilities
  • School fees
You've got too much to do, so we made an app that lets you pay your bills in less than 20 seconds.

Step 1

Use the Sniip app to scan a BPAY Biller Code found on any bill

Step 2

Enter the amount you want to pay off your bill

Step 3

Select the credit / debit card you want to use to pay

Step 4

Pay securely using face ID, fingerprint or PIN

Want to know how you can avoid late fees?

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Set a ‏‏‎reminder.
Never ‏‏‎miss ‏‏‎a ‏‏‎due ‏‏‎date

Don’t want to pay your bill straight away? Set a reminder and get a notification when it’s due. Avoid those late fees and get pay-on-time discounts!
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Set, forget, ‏‏‎and ‏‏‎avoid ‏‏‎regret

Schedule a payment within the Sniip app. Just set the payment date, how much you want paid off and select the card you would like to use to pay the bill.
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Pay Safely

Your credit/debit card data is encrypted and securely stored making Sniip safer than carrying a physical wallet.

When authorising payments, Sniip requires a 4-digit PIN or fingerprint scan as an extra level of security.

Sniip has also achieved full PCI DSS compliance, meaning you can rest assured that your payments are protected by the highest safety and encryption standards.


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