Should I get the American Express Explorer Business Card?

Experience an Annual Card Fee of $0 (usually $149) during the initial year upon approval for the American Express® Business Explorer Credit Card by July 23, 2024. Terms and conditions apply. Offer exclusively available to new American Express Card Members.

Amex Explorer Business Card Overview

Annual Fee

Bonus Offer
$0 annual fee for the first year

Points Earn Rate
2 points per $1 spend on everyday spend

Rewards Program
Membership Rewards

Cash Flow
Up to 55 days interest free

Interest Rate
23.99% p.a. on purchases

Benefits of the Amex Explorer Business Card

Extend your cash flow for an additional 55 days:
Provide your business some extra breathing room with up to 55 interest-free days to support financial flexibility.

Monitor employee expenses for greater oversight:
Access real-time information, and optimise your cash flow by consolidating all employee spending into one Account with up to 99 complimentary Employee Cards. As these cards earn points at the same rate as your Primary Card, you’ll also boost your business’ points accumulation.

Streamlined and automated reporting capabilities:
Effortlessly consolidate your financial statements and streamline your business’ reconciliation and reporting processes with direct streams from your Card Accounts into Quicken™, Microsoft® Excel, and MYOB®.

Access convenient mobile control with the American Express® App:
Track business spending and activity, receive benefits and 24/7 live support, redeem points, and manage your Account anywhere with Live Chat Service.

Seamless payment options with your smart device:
Store your Explorer Business Card in your digital wallet with Apple Pay®, Samsung Pay®, or Google Pay®, and pay using your mobile.

Fast card replacement:
If you have lost your card, American Express can often replace the card within 48 hours.

Access greater protection with world-class anti-fraud protocols:
Protect your business from unauthorised transactions with American Express’ liability coverage for unauthorised transactions and worldwide fraud detection.

Earn 2 Points per dollar:
Accumulate more points for your business with 2 points per $1 spent on eligible purchases.

Convert points to offset business expenses:
Transfer points to pay off business expenses such as rent or utilities. You are also able to pay down the balance on your Card using Points for Credit.

Travel on points:
The points you earn from your Explorer Business Card can be transferred directly to book flights, accommodation or car rental with Webjet, helloworld, or the American Express Travel Online booking Service.

Redeem Points with Partners:
Leading airline and hotel partners, including Virgin Australia, Air New Zealand, and Hilton Honors, are available for transferring your points as well.

Purchase Gift Cards with Points:
Reward yourself, employees, or clients by converting your points into Gift Cards from leading retailers like Apple, Ikea, JB Hi-Fi, and more.

Turn Points into purchases:
Use your points, either alone or in combination with card payment, to shop online at PayPal, MYER, and other participating merchants.

Get comfortable with Lounge Access:
Make your business travel stress-free and enjoy the convenience of two annual Centurion® Lounge passes at Sydney and Melbourne airports.

Access complimentary travel insurance for your journeys:
When you use your American Express Business Explorer Credit Card to pay for your return trip, you and your spouse, along with your Employee Card Members, receive complimentary Domestic and International Travel Insurance.

Terms, conditions and exclusions apply (such as maximum age limits, pre-existing medical conditions and cover limits).


Experience an Annual Card Fee of $0 (usually $149) during the initial year upon approval for the American Express® Business Explorer Credit Card by July 23, 2024. Terms and conditions apply. Offer exclusively available to new American Express Card Members.

How do I earn and redeem my Points?

Redeem your points directly for flights, accommodation, or car rental through Webjet, helloworld, or the American Express Travel Online booking Service. You also have the option to transfer your points to top airline and hotel partners, such as Virgin Australia, Air New Zealand, and Hilton Honors.

Or, redeem your points and turn them points into Gift Cards from leading retailers like Apple, Ikea, JB Hi-Fi and more to reward employees, clients or yourself.

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Is this card right for me?

The below conditions are required to apply for the American Express Explorer Business Card.

  • Age 18 years or over
  • Australian citizen or permanent resident
  • Director or controller of a business
  • Good credit history and no payment defaults
  • Annual business revenue of $75,000 or more
  • Valid ABN registered for GST

You’ll need the following information when applying for the American Express Explorer Business Card:

  • Your personal income or business revenue
  • Your drivers license (if you own one)
  • The details of your business' ownership as it appears on ASIC (for the Director and/or Beneficial Owner)

Compare credit cards

Access our free Amex Card Comparison Tool that allows you to compare:

  • Annual fees
  • Earn rates
  • Unique perks
  • Exclusive offers

The Tool empowers you to easily compare credit cards side by side to uncover the card that caters best to your unique needs. We take the heavy lifting out of the research and only list the best deals that are worth your while.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most credit cards offer an interest-free period ranging from 44 to 55 days. If you settle the entire balance before this period ends, no interest is accrued. Yet, failing to clear the full balance results in interest charges. Therefore, it’s crucial to monitor statements and settle the full amount before the interest-free period expires.

Redeem points directly on flights, accommodation, and car rental with American Express Travel online booking service, as well as Webjet and helloworld. Or transfer points to your choice of 12 world-class airline partners including Qantas, Virgin Australia, and Air New Zealand where you can use them for flights and upgrades.

The minimum income required to apply for an American Express Business Card varies from card-to-card. 

  • American Express Platinum Business Card: $XYZ 
  • American Express Qantas Business Rewards Card: $XYZ 
  • American Express Business Explorer Card: $XYZ 
  • American Express Velocity Business Card: $XYZ 

Please note: these amounts are an estimation and the actual requirement may vary based on the economic climate and American Express’s lending criteria.

When you’ve applied for credit or a loan, a credit report detailing your financial history is created.

You’re entitled to receive a copy of your credit report every three months for free. 

Included in your credit report is your credit rating, indicating the category your credit score falls into (e.g., low, fair, good, very good, excellent).

Accessing your report online typically takes one to two days. Alternatively, you may wait up to ten days to receive it via email or mail.

To obtain your free credit report, reach out to the following credit reporting agencies:

  • Experian: 1300 783 684
  • illion: 132 333
  • Equifax: 138 332

As the information held by different agencies may vary, you may have credit reports with more than one agency.

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