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What's changing for personal Amex from 1 March 2023?

Learn more about our reduced American Express personal rates and changes to paying the ATO and superannuation.

What's changing from 1 March, 2023?

The following changes will be in place for personal American Express card holders using Sniip from midnight, 1 March, 2023. 

Update 1
The processing fee for personal payments with a personal Amex will be reduced from 1.36% +GST (1.5%)  to 1.17% +GST (1.29%) (excluding business payments and personal payments to the ATO/superannuation) - the best rate in the market. 
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Update 2
Amex personal card payments to the ATO (including superannuation) will be processed at our business rates - the best rates in the market.
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You can now earn Velocity Points for your business on your ATO and superannuation payments with a personal Amex. Simply connect your Virgin Australia Business Flyer account to Sniip. 
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Calculate your reward points!

Payment amount
Select payment type

Select Amex
Amex Velocity Platinum Card
Amex Velocity Platinum Card
Amex Platinum Edge Card
Amex Explorer Card
Amex Platinum Card
Qantas Amex Ultimate Card
Qantas Amex Premium Card
David Jones Amex Platinum Card
David Jones Amex Card
Qantas Amex Discovery Card
Amex Velocity Escape Card
Amex Essential Card
Total points earned#
Velocity Points
Payment amount
Processing fee (incl GST)
Assumes points earn based on 1.25 point/s per dollar spent.

*All ATO/superannuation payments (personal/business/corporate) are required to be processed at our business rates (tiered from 1.75%) on Personal Amex cards.

#Please note: the above calculator is an estimate and not an exhaustive list of the American Express cards you can use with Sniip. Sniip accepts all American Express cards. This information is provided as a guide only, please refer to the Amex website for the most up-to-date information, or contact Amex directly.

This calculator is provided as a guide only, please refer to your credit card provider for the most up-to-date information..

An image showing where the processing fee for payments is displayed in the Sniip app.

What is the new personal rate?

Personal payments on a personal Amex will be processed at 1.17% +GST (1.29%) reduced from 1.5%.

What is a personal payment?

American Express determines if your payment is personal by reviewing a combination of 1) the biller  you’re paying and the 2) the card you’re using. 

If you use your Amex personal card to pay a personal bill (gym membership, school fees, electricity bill, rates, etc), you’ll be charged at the personal rate of 1.17% +GST (1.29%). 

If your Amex personal card is determined to be used paying a business biller (ATO, superannuation, supplier or vendor), Sniip is required by American Express to process this as a business payment. The processing fee specific to your bill will be displayed on the pay screen as below.

Important note: From midnight, 1 March, 2023, all Amex payments to the ATO and superannuation, regardless of the card you use (personal/business/corporate), will incur the tiered business rate. 

An image showing where the processing fee for payments is displayed in the Sniip app when making a business payment on an American Express.

What is the business rate?​

Our business processing fees are tiered from 1.75% (+GST) per bill. The higher value of your bill, the better rates you are entitled to! 

View business tiered pricing below.

What's considered a 'business payment' on a personal Amex?

Sniip is required to process any payment made using an Amex (personal or business) to the ATO, including superannuation, to be processed at our tiered business rates from 1.75% (+GST). 

At Sniip we’re proud to offer the best processing fees in the market allowing you to earn full points on all of your payments. If your bill is determined to be a business payment and you’d prefer not to use your personal Amex, you may opt to use your Visa/Mastercard at 1.36% (+GST) for this payment.

Please note: Other billers may be determined by American Express to be business billers. The best way to determine if a payment is classified as a business payment is to add your bill to the Sniip app, select your personal Amex and you’ll see the processing fee clearly displayed to you prior to confirming payment (see image above).

Paying ATO and superannuation = business rates

Sniip is required to process any payment made using an Amex (personal or business) to the ATO, including superannuation, to be processed at our tiered business rates from 1.75% (+GST). 

We’ve crunched the numbers and Sniip remains the best way to pay the ATO (including superannuation) and earn full points with the best processing fee in market. 

All other non-business payments on a personal Amex card will be charged at 1.17% (+GST)

American Express Business Tiers

An image showing the processing fees for business payments made with the Sniip app using an American Express card.

* Assumes corporate tax rate of 25% and GST is claimed

Are there any additional fees?

There are no additional processing fees when you pay through Sniip, just the processing fee which you pay per transaction.

We will always let you know the processing fee before making your payment. You’ll earn full reward points on the processing fee too!

*Restricted/prohibited industries apply

Don't want to use an American Express?

Check out the business rates for other payment methods!

Why the change?

Sniip was founded in Brisbane, Queensland 2012 as a consumer app. In 2019, we partnered with BPAY and in 2021, we partnered with global payments giant American Express.

We were doing a great service for American Express cardholders by opening up 60,000 BPAY Billers and enabling people to use their American Express where they couldn’t usually. Plus, the ability to earn full points where they’d usually earn reduced points (government bill, etc). 

When you pay the ATO directly you can only earn a maximum 0.5 points per $1 spent. When you pay through Sniip, you earn full points (specific to your card) at the best rate available. 

Our company grew quickly and our users have loved making payments through Sniip – especially to the ATO. However, we were advised by American Express that we’d be required to stop allowing personal payments to the ATO/superannuation on a personal card. Yet we really wanted our users to be able to keep making these payments, even if the rate needed to be adjusted.

We know we have a lot of businesses wanting to pay their bills through Sniip, even though we started out for households as a way to manage rates, water, etc. With this, we knew we couldn’t stop this service for our valued users and had to find a way around it.

Thankfully, we’re a tech company and we had the right people in place to make this happen. We appreciate not everyone is eligible for a business card, and they’d like to earn full points on their ATO and superannuation payments. 

We were able to facilitate processing ATO payments with a personal Amex using our business payment “rails”, at our industry leading rates for business payments. 

Our processing fee is the only fee you pay when paying the ATO, and is a tax dedication for your business. The rate works out to still be approximately 1.49%* for businesses after tax. 

If we receive a reduction on our rate from Amex, we always pass it on to our users. And now that they’ve given us a discount on the rate for (non-ATO) personal payments, we’ve passed that on to all Sniip users!

*Assumes corporate tax rate of 25% and GST is claimed.

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