New Feature Alert: Adding Profile Pictures!

Good news everyone! We wanted to let you know about a cool new feature in the app – adding your profile picture! That’s right, you can now personalise your Sniip account with your profile picture. Make your Sniip app feel like it’s truly your own!

How to do it:

Step1. To add your profile picture, simply tap on your initials at the top of the home screen. 

Step 2. Enter your pin to access your account details. 

Step 3. Tap on profile photo

Step 4. Take a fresh photo or select something from your photo library. 

Step 5. Your new profile photo should appear and now be displayed in the Sniip app!

Would you like to see more personalisation options in the Sniip app? Send us an email at – our Sniip Support Squad would love to hear from you!