How do I verify my account?

Great question! When signing up to Sniip, you do not have to verify your account. There a flags in our systems that will automatically request User Verification. This includes:

  • Adding a payment method to your account that’s different to the legal name on your account
  • Using a prepaid card
  • Setting up pay from a BSB and Account Number
  • Adding numerous blocked bills

To verify your account, simply tap on the in-app prompt that appears when we have requested that you verify your account. Or, you can verify your account by tapping on the menu in the top left corner and selecting ‘Account’, ‘Verify Account’.

For User Verification, we require a copy of your valid government issued photo identification document (e.g. Australian Driver Licence or Passport) which clearly shows your:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Photograph
  • Document Number

At Sniip, we’re proud to have achieved full Tier 1 PCI DSS compliance — the same standard that Australian banks comply with.  We have never had a security breach in our 8+ years of operations and have quarterly vulnerability scans to try and penetrate our systems.