Instalment Payment Plans

With the Sniip app, you are able to pay bills partially in instalments before the due date. This helps to manage your expenses and ease the burden of large lump-sum payments. 

Create an Instalment Plan

Add your bill to the Sniip app by scanning any BPAY Biller Code or by importing your bill from email. 

Select ‘Schedule’, then ‘Create instalment plan’.

Enter the date you’d like the instalments to start. 

Tap the frequency you’d like them to come out (weekly, monthly, quarterly etc). Your instalment plan schedule will be put together for you to ensure you’re paid in full when the bill is due. Done!

Please note, this isn’t a ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ offering (watch this space) – rather, this feature gives you the flexibility to pay off your bill in instalments, without missing the due date.