My bill failed on upload, why?

This may be due to a number of reasons, which are listed below with solutions attached.

Missing details:
To successfully upload your non-BPAY bill into the Sniip app, you will need to ensure your invoice contains the following information:
1. The ABN of your bill (we’re unable to accept ACN)
2. The BSB & Account Number for payment
3. Your total bill amount
4. The words, ‘Tax Invoice’ to be contained on your bill 

Please confirm your bill contains these four key elements. If your bill contains these four elements but won’t upload to Sniip, please email a copy of your bill to

Layout issue:
If there is limited or no spacing between the wording of ‘ABN’ and the following numbers, please reach out to your biller to amend this and add more spacing between. After this, you will be able to successfully add your bill into your Sniip app.

Incorrect ABN/ACN:
Our systems may have picked up that the ABN displayed on your invoice contains more digits and therefore could not be imported onto your Sniip app.

Missing heading ‘Tax Invoice’ on your document:
In addition to the ABN, company name, BSB and Acc No details, please ensure that the wording ‘Tax invoice’ is visible on the bill as well for a successful import.

Please reach out to your biller to amend this. Once the phrase ‘Tax Invoice’ is included on your bill, you’ll be able to import it to the Sniip app.