Gifts Under $10

We’re here to help you avoid bill (and bank account) shock this festive season to ensure you roll into 2022 as stress-free as possible. *sighs relief*

Looking for the <$10 paddle pool!? (Check out item #9) 

2. A Classic. Might ruin some friendships (Sniip cannot be held accountable 😉)

UNO Playing Cards – $5.60 

3. For your pop-culture obsessed friend

Bucket 100 Box Sets Bucket List Scratch Poster – $9.98

4. Your surfer/skater (or wannabe) friend 

Mr Zogs Cool Water Wax – $6 

5. For that friend who always has their glow on 

GO-TO Transformazing Sheet Mask – $9

6. For the little, (or big) person in your life who needs constant entertainment  

Sage & Clare Outdoor Games – $9.99

7. It’s chocolate. It’s cute packaging. It’s a small business. It’s vegan!   

Vegan Coconut & Cashew Chocolate – $6.95

8. For that friend who enjoys the finer things in life (and clean teeth) 

Marvis Toothpaste Whitening Mint – $7.99

9. For when you want to claim your title as the best Aunt/Uncle 

Clam Shell Paddle Pool/ Sandpit – $9.98

10. For your friend who can’t keep a house plant alive 

Tiny Planter with a (fake) plant – $9.99