Day: December 7, 2021

Top three ways to set & forget your bills

The festive season is here and we’re sure you have more important (and fun) things to worry about than paying your bills! 

That’s why we’ve created a few simple steps, so you can put on the Out of Office and set and forget your day job (and your bills). 

  • Schedule your bill payments 

Sign-up for 'auto-import'

This is one of our fan favourite features in the Sniip app. You can now have your bills containing a BPAY Biller Code automatically imported into the Sniip app!

When you sign-up for auto-import, you’ll receive a handy push notification when a bill has arrived – presented in the app ready for payment or scheduling. 

Check out the simple how-to on setting up auto import, here

Schedule your bill payments

Import your bill to Sniip using your chosen method, then schedule your bills for when they’re due. That way, you can rest easy knowing that when the due date rolls around, payment is scheduled and you are sorted!

This is a great time hack for rego, rates, or any bills that arrive early – you don’t want to pay them before they’re due, but don’t want to miss the due date either! Now you can relax 😎.

Set-up recurring payments

Recurring payments are perfect for bills like rent, phone bills, health insurance, etc. 

You’re probably wondering: Why don’t I just set up a direct debit with my biller? Well, with recurring payments, the control is all yours! 

Gone are the days of jumping through endless hoops with your biller to have your direct debit set up, halted or cancelled… let alone handing over your bank account details to your biller!

You’ll never need to phone the biller to update your bank account details again, simply by creating a recurring payment in the Sniip app! 

Check out how to set up recurring payments, here

10 Under $10

Gifts Under $10

We’re here to help you avoid bill (and bank account) shock this festive season to ensure you roll into 2022 as stress-free as possible. *sighs relief*

Looking for the <$10 paddle pool!? (Check out item #9) 

2. A Classic. Might ruin some friendships (Sniip cannot be held accountable 😉)

UNO Playing Cards – $5.60 

3. For your pop-culture obsessed friend

Bucket 100 Box Sets Bucket List Scratch Poster – $9.98

4. Your surfer/skater (or wannabe) friend 

Mr Zogs Cool Water Wax – $6 

5. For that friend who always has their glow on 

GO-TO Transformazing Sheet Mask – $9

6. For the little, (or big) person in your life who needs constant entertainment  

Sage & Clare Outdoor Games – $9.99

7. It’s chocolate. It’s cute packaging. It’s a small business. It’s vegan!   

Vegan Coconut & Cashew Chocolate – $6.95

8. For that friend who enjoys the finer things in life (and clean teeth) 

Marvis Toothpaste Whitening Mint – $7.99

9. For when you want to claim your title as the best Aunt/Uncle 

Clam Shell Paddle Pool/ Sandpit – $9.98

10. For your friend who can’t keep a house plant alive 

Tiny Planter with a (fake) plant – $9.99