New Feature Alert: Recurring payments

You asked, we answered! 

In the Sniip app, you can now set and forget all the recurring payments/subscriptions in your life. We’re talking rent, phone bills, internet, gym subscriptions, health insurance, lessons and tutoring, you name it! If it’s got a BPAY Biller Code, you can make it a recurring payment with Sniip.

With Sniip’s recurring payments feature you take back control! Gone are the days of handing over your bank account to the mercy of a merchant and jumping through endless hoops to have them halted/ cancelled. 

Here’s how it works: 


Tap on the bill you’d like to pay from the home screen, (or add your bill to the Sniip app by scanning, manually importing or auto importing). 

Tap ‘Schedule’ from the bottom right of the screen.

Tap ‘Schedule’ from the bottom right of the screen.

Choose the amount you’d like to pay and how often you would like the payments to be made (weekly, fortnightly).

Choose the end date, or select no end date. 

Click confirm.