Meet the new Sniip: A step-by-step guide of your new app interface

Why has the look of the app changed?

Sniip started working with Brisbane City Council and Queensland Urban Utilities in 2016 to improve the way people manage and pay their bills. Since then, Sniip has become a member of BPAY, allowing users to pay over 60,000 billers across Australia. 

Our product offering has expanded since our inception as well, and we decided that it was time for the interface to get an upgrade. Our design team has worked very hard to bring you this new interface, which is designed to elevate your Sniip experience and help you navigate the app more easily. 


The Dashboard

Meet your new home screen! Here, you’ll find a high level summary of your bills. You can easily see any upcoming or scheduled payments and the total amounts. 

It’s split up into ‘Bills Summary’ and ‘Payments Summary’. Your ‘Bills Summary’ is where your bills to review and bills to be paid live. Your Payments Summary is where you’ll find payments you’ve scheduled or any pending payments you have (payments will be in a ‘pending’ status when they are made from a BSB and Account Number – bank account).

Adding + scanning your bills

Scanning has moved to the top right corner. Tap the blue plus ‘+’ button and you’ll be able to scan, connect your email to have your bills imported into the app or, manually add your bills. 

The process of scanning remains the same. Simply scan the BPAY Biller Code and Reference Number on your bill and have it added to the Sniip app within seconds. 

Receipts = History

The bottom menu now has a tab for ‘Receipts’. We removed the ‘History’ menu, which means that there is also no more ‘Archive’. 

Receipts has all the information you need about the past payments you’ve made. From here, you can tap on any payment you’ve made and email yourself a digital receipt. 

The Wallet has moved!

The Wallet has moved from the right of the bottom menu to the top left menu, and is now called Payment Methods. From here you can manage all of your cards and payment methods. 

Of course, you can still utilise your digital wallet via Apple Pay or Google Pay. 

Review, To Pay, Scheduled and Paid

Review: All your bills that you have imported and shared to Sniip. 

To Pay: Bills that you need to pay! 

Scheduled: All of your upcoming scheduled payments. 

Paid: All the bills that you’ve paid with Sniip. 

Fully scheduled vs Partially scheduled

Fully scheduled bills will appear in the Scheduled tab under Bills. These are bills that you have scheduled payments for that pay the entirety of the bill. 

Partially scheduled bills will appear in the To Pay tab under bills. This is because you have scheduled a payment against this bill, but there is still an outstanding amount to pay!


Great question! You can manually update the app in the App Store for iOS or Google Play Store for Android. The latest update is called Version 22.8.0.

You can turn on auto-updates on your device as below. 

iOS: Go to Settings, scroll down to ‘App Store’ then under Automatic Downloads, select ‘App Updates’. 

Android: In the Google Play store, select your account settings (your profile picture in the top right), select ‘Settings’, ‘Network Preferences’, then select ‘Auto-update app’. Choose your preference then select, ‘Done’. 

Please note: This is a required updated with a grace period of one (1) week. After this period, you’ll receive an in-app pop-up to ‘Please update to the latest version of the app’ to continue using Sniip. This ensures your Sniip experience remains seamless with the latest functionality.  

‘Archive’, previously located under the History tab has been archived! 

We have removed the Archive functionality as ‘Receipts’ now has everything you need in regards to past payments. 

Location under the ‘Bills’ tab on the bottom panel, ‘To Review’ and ‘To Pay’ are used as below. 

‘Review’ are bills that you have imported or shared to the Sniip app and need a few more details filled out such as the due date or bill amount.

‘To Pay’ are bills that have all the necessary information, and are just waiting for you to pay/schedule them for payment! 

Short answer, you can have a bill without a payment, but you can’t have a payment without a bill. It might help to consider bills your mixing bowl of ingredients and payments your oven (ready to bake).

The bills tap includes Review, To Pay, Scheduled and Paid.

This refers to any upcoming payment, including part payments and fully scheduled payments.

Payments processed via BSB and Account Number will sit here until your funds reach Sniip.

Scheduled in Bills
This refers to bills that are Fully Scheduled, meaning there is nothing left to pay on the bill. Bills that are part payments sit under ‘To Pay’.

Scheduled in Payments
This refers to all upcoming payments, including part payments and fully scheduled payments.

Great question! Your scheduled and recurring payments remain unchanged and there is no action required from you end.Simply select the ‘Payments’ tab on the bottom menu and you’ll see your recurring, scheduled and instalment payments under the ‘Scheduled’ tab as usual.


Absolutely! We appreciate this is a considerable change to the interface of the app and we’re here for you every step of the way. We’re offering demo’s to walk you through the new interface and answer any questions you may have. If you’d like to sign up for a demo at a time that suits you, click here.

No worries at all! You can chat with our Sniip Support Squad by emailing  or calling (07) 3268 7710. Our office hours are 8.30am – 5pm (AEST) Monday to Friday.

Still need help? We’re here for you ❤️ (07) 3268 7710