Quick Answers to Common Questions: The Essential FAQ Pack

Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

Why did my non-BPAY invoice fail to upload?

To successfully add your non-BPAY bill (payment to a biller’s BSB & Account Number) into the Sniip app, please ensure your invoice contains these four key items:

  1. The words ‘Tax Invoice’
  2. The ABN (Australian Business Number)
  3. The total bill amount
  4. The biller’s bank account details (incl BSB and Account Number)

If your invoice is missing any of these details, please reach out to your biller to update the invoice accordingly. Unfortunately, these additions cannot be made within the app or be handwritten/added by you personally.

If your invoice contains all of the above information and is failing to upload, please confirm the following: 

  • Your camera lens is clear and free from smudges 
  • The photo was taken in a well lit area 
  • The camera is held steady and no parts of the invoice are missing in the photo 
  • Please attempt to share the invoice from your email to the Sniip app by tapping the ‘share’ icon 

If you have completed the above checklist without success, we’re here for you! Please email customercare@sniip.com and we’ll assist. 

Valid Invoice

Invalid Invoice

I’ve heard I can pay my rent through Sniip. How do I do this?

It’s become one of our most frequently paid bills and we’re delighted you’re loving the new functionality. 

You can upload your rent for payment with Sniip by using your rental receipt, if it contains the following: 

  • The ABN of your biller (unfortunately, we cannot accept the biller’s ACN)
  • The BSB & Account Number for payment
  • Rental amount (you can amend this later) 
  • The words ‘Tax Invoice’ 

You can import/screenshot the receipt and add it to pay rent.

If your rent receipt doesn’t contain these details, don’t worry! Please email a copy of your lease/rental agreement to rent@sniip.com. Please ensure the rental agreement  contains the following information:

  • ABN of your biller (unfortunately, we cannot accept ACN)
  • BSB & Account Number for payment
  • Rental amount (you can amend this later) 

Preferred items 

  • Biller name
  • Lessor and lessee details
  • Payment Reference Number (so your biller can locate your payments)

As part of our complimentary concierge service, we’ll collate your documents and create a rental bill and add it to your ‘To pay’ tab within the ‘Bills’ section of the Sniip app. You’ll get a handy push notification and an email when it arrives.

Please note that this process can take up to one business day. If there’s an urgency to your request, please call (07) 3268 7710 and our team will assist you. 

Is there a way to set-up automatic payments for specific timeframes (weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly?)

To make life easier, you can have recurrent bills paid automatically in the Sniip app. This tool comes in handy for bills like rent, phone bills, insurance, internet, etc. Set up a recurring payment by doing the following:

  1. Import your bill into the Sniip app.
  2. Once reviewing your bill details, tap ‘Schedule’ in the bottom right of the screen.
  3. Select ‘Create Recurring Payment’.
  4. Choose the amount you’d like to pay and how often you would like the payments to be made (weekly, fortnightly, etc).
  5. Choose the end date or select no end date.
  6. Tap confirm.

Is there a buy-now-pay-later (BNPL) option with Sniip?

Indirectly the answer is yes! 

To access a deferred financing option when paying your bills with Sniip, you can utilise products like Afterpay Plus and Zip Pay. You do this through your digital wallets (Apple Pay and Google Pay). Even if your biller doesn’t accept Afterpay/Zip Pay directly, you can use it with Sniip. 

These BNPL cards are classified by Sniip as ‘prepaid’ cards, and incur a 0.85% processing fee. 

If the biller I pay doesn't normally give points for payments with a credit card, and I pay it with Sniip, will I get points?

Absolutely! Even if your biller doesn’t accept credit card payments directly, or they do accept credit cards but give you reduced points, (i.e government billers like the ATO) – you can pay the bill with Sniip and earn full points. Win win!

How? It comes down to the way we process your payment as a ‘two-legged’ transaction. In other words, your payment goes into the Sniip trust account, which we then process through to your biller. If you pay using a rewards credit card, you will always earn full points paying your bill via Sniip. As soon as the funds are received by Sniip, they’re sent to your biller with your unique payment reference number.