Unveil the Month’s Most Frequently Asked Questions

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My non-BPAY bill isn’t uploading, why? Help!

To successfully upload a non-BPAY bill (payment to a biller’s BSB & Account Number) to Sniip, please confirm your bill contains the following:

  1. The biller’s ABN (we cannot accept ACN)
  2. The BSB & Account Number for payment 
  3. The total bill amount 
  4. The words ‘invoice’, ‘tax invoice’ or ‘receipt’

If your bill contains this information and isn’t uploading, please email customercare@sniip.com and the team will get you sorted. 

To learn more about making payments to a BSB & Account Number with Sniip and a walk-through video of the process, see our comprehensive how-to page.

Ensure your invoice contains the required information

Can I invest in Sniip? Is Sniip a public company?

This is one of the most asked questions on Google right now. 

Sniip is an unlisted public company meaning we are owned by our shareholders who are represented by our board of directors. Our founder and CEO is Damien Vasta. 

As we are a public company, only investors categorised by ASIC as “sophisticated investors” are allowed to be shareholders in Sniip. If you are interested in investing in Sniip and meet the requirements of a sophisticated investor, please contact investors@sniip.com

I’d like to complete User Verification but I don’t have a Driver Licence, can I use my passport?

Absolutely! To verify with your passport, simply swipe left on the ‘Driver Licence’ option to reveal the passport upload section. 

You can learn more about the submission process on our User Verification page

How do I set-up my rent to pay with Sniip? Can I use a credit card?

We have been overwhelmed with your interest in paying your rent through Sniip! We appreciate that paying with your credit card isn’t always available directly as a payment option. You may also want to switch between cards from month to month –  that’s why we made it all possible with Sniip. Plus, you can make it a recurring payment.

To add your rent into the Sniip app, please select the blue ‘+’ button in the top right corner and then select, ‘Import from photo’ and add a copy of your rental receipt/lease agreement. 

If the necessary elements required for successful upload are across multiple documents, no worries! Email rent@sniip.com and we’ll create a bill for you and upload it into the Sniip app for you ready for payment. 

Ensure your rental receipt contains the required information

What’s the daily limit for Sniip?

There’s no daily limit on the payment you can process through Sniip. Our users can enjoy the benefits of processing as many bills as they want no matter how big they are! 

However, your card provider may restrict your payment if it’s an unusual amount for you. Please contact the number on the back of your card.