New Feature Alert: Paying from BSB + Account Number

Sniip is growing, and changing!

Meet our newest (and most requested) feature, paying from a Bank Account! 

It’s important to us that we always offer a free option in the Sniip app, and paying from a bank account is super easy to use! 

With the addition of bank accounts as a payment option, we have enabled a new way for you to use Sniip with no processing fees.

If you’re a debit card user with Sniip, rest assured we haven’t removed the ability for you to pay with your own funds for free – it’s just via your bank account now as opposed to a debit card. 

This means you’re still able to access all of Sniip’s convenient features and functionality at no cost. 

As always, we remain committed to providing you with the best bill payment service possible. 

Pay from BSB & Account Number

Setting up your Bank Account is easy! We’ve covered all the basics for you including: 

  • How to verify your Sniip account 
  • Adding your BSB & Account Number
  • Paying from a BSB & Account Number
Note: Before adding a Bank Account, you must verify your identity. 

We understand that verifying your identity can be an onerous task and appreciate your assistance! Customer protection, card security and fraud prevention are the highest priorities at Sniip. We’ve put together an FAQ if you have any questions, and as always our Sniip Support Squad are only a phone call away. Feel free to contact us on (07) 3268 7710 or email