Fast Five: Our most commonly asked questions this week October 2021

Our most frequently asked questions in October 2023

1. How long will it take for Refer a Friend Rewards to be applied to my account?

Great question! When you refer a friend and they pay their first bill, your $10 reward credit will be applied to your account immediately. 

If your friend hasn’t paid a bill, you will see ‘Pending rewards’. These credits will not be applied to your account until your friend pays their bill. 

We recommend telling your friends about all the features you love about Sniip and encouraging them to pay their first bill! 

2. How do I know if my payment has been confirmed? Where are my receipts?

If you are unsure whether your payment was successful, you can review your receipts under the ‘History’ tab in the Sniip app. 

All your successful payments will be stored here with a timestamp of when the funds were successfully paid into your biller’s account. 

The ‘History’ tab can be accessed from your homepage in the app along the bottom menu. 

Hot tip: You can email yourself a copy of your receipt from the Sniip app. Just tap the envelope in the top right hand corner of your receipt! 

3. Do I need to verify myself in the Sniip app?

Unless you have been contacted by one of our Sniip Support Squad, or received a notification in the Sniip app requesting verification, you do not need to verify yourself in the Sniip app. 

We love that many of you are voluntarily verifying yourself in the Sniip app and you are more than welcome to do so. 

You can view your verification status under your ‘Account’ in the Sniip app. If we require verification from you, next to ‘Verify Account’ you will see ‘Required’. If it’s blank, you’re all good to keep paying those bills!

If you are asked to verify your account, it’s no worries! You will be notified when your verification has been approved. A little green tick will appear next to your initials or profile photo at the top of the home screen in the Sniip app – yay! 

4. Do I need to use my legal name in the Sniip app or can I use a nickname?

This is a great question! For your security and that of all Sniip users ,we need you to enter your legal name in the Sniip app. Customer protection, card security and fraud prevention are the highest priority at Sniip. 

Unfortunately at this point, we cannot accept nicknames. However, we are working with our tech team to allow our users to have a legal name and a preferred name (nickname) as part of their Sniip profile.

5. How do I invest in Sniip?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions on Google!

Right now we’re an unlisted public company, so we do not publish a share price.

If you would like to find out more about investing in Sniip, we’ve just created a new email Pop us an email through here and one of the Sniip Corporate Finance team will get in touch.