For the ultimate Amex reward pay your bills with Sniip

For the ultimate Amex reward pay your bills with Sniip ​
For the ultimate Amex reward pay your bills with Sniip ​

For the ultimate Amex reward, pay your bills with Sniip

A new financial year is upon us, and for the savvy points earner, it’s the perfect time to take a look at how to make the most of your personal expenses with your Amex on your everyday outgoings. 

What’s the best way to do this? Use Sniip! Pay all your personal expenses using your Amex, even if your biller doesn’t accept American Express directly.  

If you’re on your search for the ultimate Amex reward pay experience, Sniip offers the best rate in the market. Your ATO bills, superannuation payments, school fees, body corporate etc.

Essentially, all BPAY payments can be made using Sniip! You earn more reward points and use Apple Pay/Google Pay wallet for seamless payment. 

What is Sniip?

Sniip, as a Bill Payment Service Provider, allows you to pay approximately 60,000+ BPAY Biller Codes with the payment method of your choice*.

How do Sniip payments work?

Put simply, Sniip aggregates all payment and bank networks into one central place, making it easy to pay your bills.

It’s the ultimate in payment logic! This means that with Sniip, you can pay with whatever card or bank you like, for whatever bill* you have. 

For example, Jane has a $50k personal tax bill to pay. She uses her American Express Velocity Platinum Card and pays $375 p.a. In fees. She gets 1.25 Velocity points per $1 spent on purchases.

When she pays the ATO with Sniip, she still earns 1.25 points per $1 spent, unlike paying the ATO directly where she would earn 0.5 points per $1 spent. 

How does Sniip benefit me using my Amex card?

Sniip is a Bill Payment Service Provider (BPSP), meaning you make your everyday bill payments to Sniip, and Sniip pays the biller or supplier on your behalf – it’s a two-legged transaction. 

When you make a payment through Sniip with your American Express, you earn FULL POINTS on the first leg of the transaction at 1.29% (incl GST). As of 1 March, all payments to the ATO/superannuation with any Amex card are required to be processed at our business rates. Unfortunately this change in the processing fee has been imposed on Sniip. This fee change doesn’t reflect a margin increase for Sniip – rather, it is simply the cost we are being charged to process these payments. 

With Sniip, you only pay the processing fee of 1.29% (incl GST). There are no other biller surcharges, monthly account keeping fees or subscription-based fees.

Paying a $30,000 bill could mean a Brisbane to Sydney return trip in Business Class, all paid for with points!*

Every point counts! Maybe you’re saving your points for a one way ticket to London? Accumulating American Express Membership Rewards Points throughout the year by paying your rates, insurance or ATO bill means that the sky’s the limit with Sniip. 

Point Hacks recommends Sniip, saying ‘The true value of Sniip lies in its new 2021 partnership with American Express that sees it offer a reduced 1.5% (processing) fee, (now 1.29% as of 1 March, 2023), for Amex transactions. … it makes sense to funnel some of your bigger bills through a service like Sniip to maximise rewards and boost your cash flow.’

Drew at the Points Brotherhood, outlined in his article how he used Sniip to pay the ATO and boost his points balance. 

For example, on a $50,000 ATO bill, you can earn 63,868 points on your Amex Velocity Platinum Card. You can calculate the points you would earn on different payments with your American Express here!

When you pay your bills with Sniip, you unlock the full earning potential of your Amex Membership Rewards Points. For the ultimate Amex reward pay your bills with Sniip. 

Summing up

Sniip is the best way to pay all your personal and household bills and earn FULL POINTS on your American Express card. Maximise your cash flow and unlock your full points earned by downloading the app for free today. Getting started only takes a few minutes, and you can check out our guide, here

*Restricted/ prohibited industries apply.

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