ATO Credit Card Payment

with Sniip

Sniip vs ATO Direct Payment

In the realm of tax payments, efficiency and value are paramount. In this comparison, we delve into the intricacies of processing rates, fees, cost per point, and total points earned when making payments to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) through Sniip versus opting for direct ATO payments.

Normally, when you pay the ATO with a rewards credit card, you earn capped or zero credit card reward points. However with the Sniip app, you earn full, uncapped reward points on every single transaction.

Sniip stands as the frontrunner for making payments to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), regardless of the type of American Express (AMEX) card you possess. Sniip consistently outshines direct ATO payments by offering a low-cost, high-value option and allowing you to earn full credit card points.

Making a $100,000 ATO Payment


Please note: These calculations are indicative only and Sniip is not providing advice. Use the information provided here as a guide only.

The above calculations are based on a corporate American Express card earning 2.25 points per $1 spent (1 point per $1 spent on government spend).

Please refer to the Amex website for the most accurate information or contact Amex directly.

Cost difference excludes GST.

Points Calculator

Calculate how many points you'll earn on payments through Sniip*

*All ATO/superannuation/business payments (personal/business/corporate) are required to be processed at our business rates (tiered from 1.75%) on Personal Amex cards. Please select ‘ATO’ as the payment type for ATO payments. 

Payment amount
Select payment type
Select your payment method
Velocity Platinum Amex Card
Velocity Platinum Amex Card
Explorer Amex Card
Platinum Amex Card
Qantas Amex Ultimate Card
Qantas Amex Premium Card
David Jones Amex Platinum Card
David Jones Amex Card
Qantas Amex Discovery Card
Velocity Escape Amex Card
Essential Amex Card
Centurion Amex Card
Diners Club International Card
Citi Premier Qantas Credit Card
ANZ Frequent Flyer Black Credit Card
Nab Rewards Visa
Citi Prestige Mastercard
Total points earned#
Velocity Points
Payment amount
Processing fee (incl GST)
Assumes points earn based on 1.25 point/s per dollar spent.

pay ato with credit card

This calculator is provided as a guide only, please refer to your credit card provider for the most up-to-date information.

Please note: The above calculator is not an exhaustive list of the credit cards available to use with Sniip. Sniip accepts all payment methods and credit cards, including American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Citibank and Diner’s Club cards. Please email if you would like to add a card to the calculator.

ATO payments with a credit card through Sniip

Business ATO Payments with an Amex

Paying the ATO through Sniip is the best and most rewarding way to pay the ATO.

In particular, you’ll earn full Amex points on your entire payment (including the processing fee) + 1 Velocity Point per $10 on all transactions. 

Personal ATO Payments with an Amex

All American Express payments to the ATO (personal/business/corporate) are required to be processed at our business rates – the best fees in market. In detail, you can learn more here.

All things considered, with the ability to earn full Amex points on your entire transaction amount (including the processing fee) + 1 Velocity Point per $10, Sniip remains the most cost effective and rewarding way to make your personal ATO payments. 

Sniip Amex Rates Breakdown

Personal - Business - Corporate

Pay one processing fee only. Zero sign up or subscription fees. No hidden costs. 

1st Tier

$ 0 - 99,999

  • 1.99% (+ GST)
  • 1.49% (after tax)
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1. Example with Amex Platinum Card:

Payment amount: $20 000

Processing fee: $438

Points earned: 45,985

Cost per point: $0.009

2nd Tier

$ 100,000 - 299,999

  • 1.95% (+ GST)
  • 1.46% (after tax)
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2. Example with Amex Platinum Card:

Payment amount: $100,000

Processing fee: $2,150

Points earned: 229,837

Cost per point: $0.009

3rd Tier

$ 300,000 - 499,999

  • 1.90% (+ GST)
  • 1.43% (after tax)
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3. Example with Amex Platinum Card:

Payment amount: $300,000

Processing fee: $6,270

Points earned: 689,107

Cost per point: $0.009

4th Tier

$ 500,000 - 999,999

  • 1.85% (+ GST)
  • 1.39% (after tax)
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4. Example with Amex Platinum Card:

Amex Platinum Card

Payment amount: $500,000

Processing fee: $10,200

Points earned: 1,147,950

Cost per point: $0.009

5th Tier

Over $1,000,000

  • 1.75% (+ GST)
  • 1.31% (after tax)
Learn more

5. Example with Amex Platinum Card:

Amex Platinum Card

Payment amount: $1,000,000

Processing fee: $19,300

Points earned: 2,293,425

Cost per point: $0.009

Earn full points... but how?

Sniip processes your payments as a two-legged transaction

  1. You pay into the Sniip Trust Account
  2. The Sniip Trust Account pays the ATO on your behalf

All transactions are paid into a Sniip trust account and your bill payment is made the same day we receive your funds – we do not hold onto your funds. Thus, the payment that you make to us will appear on your statement as ‘Sniip Ltd’.

When you use a rewards credit card, you will earn full points on the first leg of the transaction (payment into the Sniip Trust account). Following this, Sniip will make payments via BPAY on the second leg of the transaction and this utilises the BPAY Scheme.

This process allows you to earn full points on all of your bills. 

Make your ATO payments more rewarding

American Express

Diners Club International

Do you have a Diners Club International card? Through Sniip, you can earn up to 101,000+ Membership Points on a $100 000 ATO payment.


Earn up to 101,000+ Membership Points on a $100 000 ATO payment with your VISA rewards earning credit card.


Want to maximise your Mastercard Membership Points? You’ll earn up to 101,000+ Membership Points on a $100 000  ATO payment through Sniip. 

Pay the ATO through Sniip

Step 1

Log into your Sniip account and tap the ‘+’ button in the top right corner to import a bill. Following, there are five ways you can import your bill into the Sniip app. 

Step 2

Once your bill is imported, locate your bill in the ‘To Pay’ tab and import it. At this point, you can choose to ‘Pay’ or ‘Schedule’ your ATO payment.

If you wish to schedule your payment for a later date, or pay your bill in instalments, select ‘Schedule’ and follow the prompts. 

On the other hand, to pay your bill now, tap ‘Pay’, and select the day* you wish to pay your bill and the payment method.

*Please note, funds take 1 (one) business day to land in the Sniip Trust account, so we always recommend setting your payment date to 1-2 business days before your due date.

Tap ‘Next’.

Step 3

Lastly, fill in your CVV number and tap the ‘Confirm’ button. 

Enter your Sniip pin code as the final security step to make your payment. 

All done! Your ATO bill is on the way to getting paid. 

You can also pay the ATO in partial payments!

Voluntary Student Loan Repayments

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Voluntary Student Loan Repayments

With increasing inflation, it is ideal to make early voluntary contributions to your HECS/HELP debt if you can afford to do so. In particular, the expected increase in indexation by over 7% from 1 June 2023 will sky rocket the amount of interest students and graduates have to pay on their loans.  

With this in mind, Sniip allows you to easily and conveniently pay the ATO using any payment method you wish, and credit cards earn uncapped points. For example, through Sniip, you can set up recurring payments, or complete a payment in partial payments. 

Join the Sniip Community!

Discover convenience, connection and community as you navigate bill payments effortlessly with Sniip. Join us today and be a part of something that’ll make you wonder why you ever paid bills differently!

ato credit card payment

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Sniip is great. For example, I use the app to pay for all my rates and BPAY bills like tax payments. For the most part, it takes me no time at all to pay ATO tax bills and stores all the information for me. Then, it sends me a receipt for the payment and processing fee which I also get to claim on my tax. I’ve never had an issue and just positive experiences. Summing up, best fintech I have come across.
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I’ve been annoyed that I’d pay all these bills with my card but couldn’t get any AMEX points, you solved it! Love it! Given that, I would recommend to anyone looking to maximise their points earning.
Mr Oman
Mr Oman
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Love this app. Specifically, it makes earning air miles with Amex so much easier.
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I use Sniip to pay my rates and water bills. For example, my account details are stored there so it’s just a matter of opening the app & scanning the barcode and everything is loaded so I just have to click on pay. At this point, I don’t use all the extra features because I generally pay the bills as I get them, but you can set up reminders etc. In addition, copies are automatically placed in your history.
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It’s fast and easy which is great when you’re busy running a business.
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Called and spoke with Jennifer and she was the most helpful of any customer support person I have gotten to talk with. Makes me happy to use the app again and again!!

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