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I wish there was a way to have my bills automatically sent from my email inbox into the Sniip app - is this possible?

Benefits of Sniip

Your wish is our command! This is one of the unique offerings and benefits of Sniip. If you’re wondering about ways to make your bill management even more convenient, look no further than Sniip’s Auto-Import feature. This tool works like magic by seamlessly sending your bills from your inbox into the Sniip app. This means less hassle for you and a more streamlined life! You can learn how to set up Auto-Import for your account by checking out this page here.

benefits of sniip


All of my bills are emailed to me. I want to share my bill directly from my email into the Sniip app - is this possible?

Benefits of Sniip

benefits of sniip

Absolutely, we’ve got a fantastic feature to solve this very question. With the Sniip app, you can easily share a PDF bill directly from your email inbox. Once you do that, the Sniip app works its magic and digitises all the crucial bill details for you. This includes information like the bill amount, due date, reference number, and the details of the biller.

Once the bill is digitised, you’ll have all these important details ready for action. You can easily schedule the payment or make the payment itself with just a few clicks. It’s all about making bill management as effortless as possible, so you can spend your time on what matters most to you.


I love the way Sniip allows me to organise my bills. Is there a way to improve my time-management with payments?

Benefits of Sniip

Sure thing! This is another great benefit of Sniip. By using Sniip’s reminder feature, you can effectively manage your bills. You’ll be able to establish notifications for your bill due dates, guaranteeing that you won’t overlook any payment deadlines. Check out the instructions on how to do this below.

  • Open your Sniip app
  • Tap the side menu in the top left corner
  • Select ‘Account’
  • Enter your PIN
  • Tap ‘Notifications settings’
  • Here, you can choose how we notify and the reasons we notify you, which include things like:
    • Bill payment due soon
    • Scheduled payment success
    • Payment method expiring soon
    • Payment failed
    • Expiring rewards reminder
    • And plenty more!
benefits of sniip


I use Sniip for business and personal payments. Is there a way to organise my business and personal payments better?

Benefits of Sniip

benefits of sniip

Of course! When it comes to managing both personal and business bills, the Sniip app has you covered. You can enhance your bill management process by categorising similar bills under separate cards within the app. This organisational functionality is designed to assist you in effectively monitoring payments. It even makes handling recurring payments across different cards and banks a seamless experience.


I have monthly phone bills and weekly rent payments, is there a way to set these payments as recurring payments in the Sniip app?

Absolutely! If you’re dealing with bills that come around every month, such as rent or utilities, Sniip’s ‘Recurring Payments’ feature could be the solution for you. This feature takes care of your payments automatically, which not only frees up your time but also minimises the chances of incurring late fees. You can get Recurring Payments up and running by following the setup instructions provided below.

  • Open the Sniip app
  • Add your bill using your preferred import method
  • Once you have reviewed the bill details, tap ‘Schedule’
  • Tap ‘Create Recurring Payment’
  • Enter the bill amount
  • Select the start date of the recurring payments
  • Select the frequency you would like this bill to be paid (i.e. weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly)
  • Choose when you would like the recurring payment plan to end (i.e. a specific date or after a number of payments)
benefits of sniip


Does Sniip have a sign up promo or any bonuses?

Benefits of Sniip

benefits of sniip

Certainly! If you’re wondering about the benefits of Sniip’s loyalty programs, we have some exciting options to share with you. Through our partnership with Virgin Australia Business Flyer, you can  earn Velocity Points on your business payments*. These points accumulate with each business bill payment, bringing you closer to some fantastic flight points. It’s a double win – you handle your bills while reaping the rewards!

Now, if you’re not a business owner or customer, don’t worry! We still have rewards tailored for you – our Refer a Friend offer. When you refer a friend to Sniip, both you and your friend enjoy a $10 discount off your bills*. It’s a simple way to save and share the benefits.

Ready to get started? You can learn how to refer a friend to Sniip here!