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Can I pay my home/commercial rent?

Absolutely! If your rental receipt contains all of the following:

  • The ABN of your biller
  • The BSB & Account Number for payment
  • The total bill amount
  • The words ‘tax invoice’

You can import/screenshot this and add it to Sniip for payment

If your rent receipt doesn’t contain these details, please email a copy of your lease/rental agreement, along with the BSB and Account Number for payment to

We’ll review your bill, then provide you with a custom PDF bill to upload to Sniip. You can then share this PDF file from your email to your Sniip app, and it will be ready to pay!

My account is now verified, but I can’t pay my non-BPAY bill?

Nice work on verifying your account! And not to worry, this likely means the bill you’ve added is ‘Under Review’ (being reviewed by our team). 

We’re currently experiencing a very high volume of biller reviews due to the high uptake of this new feature. Our team are working through this backlog as quickly as possible and you’ll receive a push notification when your bill has been approved. 

If there’s urgency to your bill, please email or phone (07) 3268 7710 and we’ll assist you.

Please note: If your bill is displaying the message, ‘Blocked Biller’, it means that we are unable to facilitate this payment. It likely falls within a restricted and blocked industry.

My bill failed on upload, why?

This may be due to a number of reasons, which are listed below with solutions attached.

Missing details:
To successfully upload your non-BPAY bill into the Sniip app, you will need to ensure your invoice contains the following information:
1. The ABN of your bill (we’re unable to accept ACN)
2. The BSB & Account Number for payment
3. Your total bill amount
4. The words, ‘Tax Invoice’ to be contained on your bill 

Please confirm your bill contains these four key elements. If your bill contains these four elements but won’t upload to Sniip, please email a copy of your bill to

Layout issue:
If there is limited or no spacing between the wording of ‘ABN’ and the following numbers, please reach out to your biller to amend this and add more spacing between. After this, you will be able to successfully add your bill into your Sniip app.

Incorrect ABN/ACN:
Our systems may have picked up that the ABN displayed on your invoice contains more digits and therefore could not be imported onto your Sniip app.

Missing heading ‘Tax Invoice’ on your document:
In addition to the ABN, company name, BSB and Acc No details, please ensure that the wording ‘Tax invoice’ is visible on the bill as well for a successful import.

Please reach out to your biller to amend this. Once the phrase ‘Tax Invoice’ is included on your bill, you’ll be able to import it to the Sniip app.

How do I add my bill?

Great question! When it comes to BSB & Account Number payments, we need a copy of the bill. That gives you two simple ways to import (and no manual entry required). 

Option 1: Import the bill/invoice from a photo:

Open the Sniip app, tap the blue ‘+’ button in the top right corner and select the second option, ‘Import from photo’. 

You can opt to take a photo of your bill or import it from your camera roll. If the bill is on your computer, take a photo or it, or use Option 2. 

Option 2: Import PDF attachment from your email:  

On your phone, open your preferred mail app with the email containing your bill. Open the bill PDF attachment or link, then tap the share icon and select, ‘Sniip’. 

Why can’t I pay my Strata Pay bill? (Biller Code 74625)

As part of Sniip’s partnership agreement with American Express, American Express undertakes quarterly reviews of the billers that we are facilitating payments to.

Amex categorises Sniip as a third party payment provider, and prevents us from making payments to other third party payment providers. Amex has deemed that ‘Strata Pay Pty Ltd – Unit Levies’, as a third party payment provider. Therefore, you will no longer be able to pay this biller using your American Express card. However, you are able to use alternative payment methods such as VISA or Mastercard.

Why didn’t I earn my rewards?

When you earn Sniip rewards, it is most likely that you have been unable to redeem this reward because you paid a direct biller by scanning the Sniip QR code or the AusPost barcode. This is because, when you scan the Sniip QR code, you pay directly to the end biller (and the payment does not go through our Sniip processing systems). Our direct billers include:

  • Brisbane City Council
  • Queensland Urban Utilities
  • Toowoomba Regional Council
  • Sunshine Coast Council

Please contact our customer service team at or 07 32687710 if you have any further questions around this and we would be happy to chat!

Why aren’t my bills syncing from auto email import?

We’re sorry to hear that not all of your bills are being picked up via the auto import features! There are a few reasons as to why your bills are not being picked up/recognised by the Sniip app systems.

To help us resolve this, could you please contact with further details regarding your situation, or alternatively you can give us a call on (07) 3268 7710 and we would be happy to help you!

What is the status of my payment?

When a payment is made through Sniip it automatically goes into the processing stage. This component of the transaction utilises the BPAY scheme.

The cut-off times for Sniip to receive your payment for processing the following business day are as follow:

  • American Express: 5pm AEST
  • Visa/Mastercard debit: 5pm AEST
  • Visa/Mastercard credit: 11:59pm AEST

Please note: Diners Club cards and pay from Bank Account require one additional day processing time. As such, the cut-off time for two business day processing is 5pm AEST.

Funds take roughly 24 hours to finalise and be deposited into the billers account so we suggest always paying your bill 2 business days in advance. The biller must recognise the BPAY payment as the date that the bill was paid. You may refer to the time-stamped receipt under the “Receipt” tab for record/reconciliation purposes.