How To Get More Credit Card Points? Best Bills in 2023

How To Get More Credit Card Points? Best Bills in 2023

Our most popular payments in May 2023

Sniip is the best Australian payment platform to pay your bills and earn full credit card points on all of your payments!Ā 

If you use Sniip to pay the ATO or your car rego renewal, you might be wondering if there are any more frequent bills that you could pay through Sniip (and earn points!)?Ā 

The answer is: absolutely!Ā 

From utilities bills to land tax, our users process all sorts of bills through their Sniip accounts. If your bill has a BPAY Biller Code on it, chances are you can pay it with Sniip!

For some inspiration, hereā€™s our forecast of the bills most likely to be paid with Sniip this month:

1. ATO

Whether paying your personal or business tax or superannuation bill, Sniip is the ultimate way to pay the ATO.Ā 

Paying the ATO with Sniip allows you to receive full points on your points-earning credit card on the payment. In contrast, paying the ATO directly only earns a reduced points rate – and who wants that?!!

2. Energy bills

Hereā€™s some of the top energy bills that will be paid during the month of May.

  • AGL
  • Alinta Energy
  • Energy Australia
  • Ergon Energy
  • Origin Energy
  • Red EnergyĀ 

Using Sniipā€™s ā€˜set and forgetā€™ payment scheduling feature means you never miss your due date, so you always get your on-time discount/avoid any late fees.

3. Water bills

We all need water and these providers are our usersā€™ favourites! Do you have one of these too?Ā 

  • Sydney Water
  • Yarra Valley Water
  • City West Water
  • Energy Australia
  • Unity Water
  • City of Armadale WaterĀ 

4. DEFT* (payment system)

  • Rent
  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • Body Corporate
*Please note: You are unable to pay DEFT with an American Express card using Sniip.

5. Transport and Main Roads Rego Renewal

  • VicRoadsĀ 
  • Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads

6. Strata (unit levies)Ā 

  • Body CorporateĀ 

7. Council RatesĀ 

  • Brisbane City Council RatesĀ 
  • City of Gold Coast
  • Sunshine Coast Council
  • Toowoomba Regional CouncilĀ 
  • Mosman CouncilĀ 
  • City of SydneyĀ 
  • City of MelbourneĀ 
  • City of ParramattaĀ 
  • Georges River CouncilĀ 
  • Campbelltown City CouncilĀ 
  • Cardinia Shire CouncilĀ 
  • Moonee Valley City CouncilĀ 

8. Phone and internet bills

  • Telstra
  • OptusĀ 
  • Vodafone

9. ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission)

  • Annual fees

10. Private healthĀ 

  • Medibank PrivateĀ 
  • BUPA
  • HCF
  • NIB

Bonus bill idea is land tax (11)!Ā 

If youā€™ve got some big bills coming up that you donā€™t want to pay in one go, youā€™re in luck! In the Sniip app, you can easily pay off bills in instalments if your biller accepts partial payments.

How to pay bills in instalments

(and find out if your biller accepts partial payments)

Partial payments not accepted

Partial payments accepted

  1. Log into your Sniip account
  2. Import your bill
  3. Confirm your bill details
  4. On the ‘Bill details’ screen, select ‘Schedule’ 
  5. If your biller accepts partial payments, you can select ‘Instalments’ and split your bill into a number of payments
  6. If your biller does not accept partial payments, a message will appear below your bill amount on the ‘Bill details’ screen
You can manage all of your instalment plans from the Scheduled section under ‘Bills’.