Day: January 18, 2023

New Interface Update: Draft Bills

New Year, new interface? Draft bills gets a glow-up!

It’s a new year and we’re freshening up your favourite app (we’re no biased) with a nice new interface for adding your draft bills to the Sniip app. 

Why the change? We’ve made this update in preparation for launching pay to BSB and Account Number later this year (yep we really weren’t kidding when we said we’re working hard on it).

You can explore more below, but at high level we’ve updated the interface for importing a bill the following ways: 

1. Import your bill from a photo
2. Share your bill from your email 

Please note: The interface remains the same for scanning a BPAY Biller Code and adding a BPAY Biller Code and Reference Number manually. 

How do I navigate the new flow? It’s easy!

Import bill from photo

  • Tap on the ‘+’ icon in the top right corner.
  • Select ‘Import from photo’, then ‘Take photo’. 
  • Take a photo of the bill you’d like to import into the Sniip app or import a photo from your ‘Photo Gallery’. 
  • Tap ‘Import’ once you have a photo of your bill.
  • Allow your bill to process under ‘Bills’.
  • Once processed, tap on your bill and review your details.
  • Tap ‘Review and submit’ and ‘Next’.
  • Tap ‘Add bill’.
  • Schedule or pay your bill in under a minute!

Import bill from your email

  • Open your emails and locate your bill.
  • Tap the ‘Share To’ icon and select the Sniip app.
  • Select ‘Import bill’.
  • Open your Sniip app to find your bill processing under ‘Bills’.
  • Once processed, tap on the bill and select ‘Add Bill’.
  •  Schedule and pay your in under a minute! 

Is there a new feature you’d like to see in the Sniip app? We’ve love to hear it! Send us an email with your idea to and we’ll pass it onto our Technical Development team! 

New Feature Alert: Drag & Drop Your Bill

New Feature Alert: Drag & Drop!

Introducing a brand new feature for Sniip – drag and drop!

You can now import your bills easily from your ‘Files’ or ‘Photos’ app by simply dragging and dropping your bill into Sniip, just like you would on your computer. This feature is perfect for individuals and businesses who want to streamline bill payment processes.

If you can’t tell already, we’re pretty big on saving our user’s time and energy when it comes to paying bills. So, say goodbye to the hassle of manual bill entry and hello to more time for the things that matter!

Note: To utilise this feature, ensure you’re running the latest version of the Sniip app (version 23.1.0 or later). 

How to use Drag & Drop


It’s super simple to import a bill using drag and drop.

Simply navigate to where you have saved your bill (either a screenshot in your Photo Library, or a PDF in your Files), and tap and hold the bill.


From here, you can exit out of the app (while still holding down on the bill), and move it into your Sniip app. 

Just make sure your photo or PDF clearly shows the bill details including the ABN, BPAY Biller Code and Reference Number! 


Make sure you wait until you see the green plus sign ‘+’ appear next to your bill, that’s when you’ll know the bill has been successfully added into your Sniip account.

Check out our video on how to import a bill from your photo below!