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How do I delete my account?

Never! Jokes. 😉 To delete your account, tap the menu icon in the top left-hand corner of the Sniip app and navigate to ‘Account’. 

Enter your Sniip PIN when prompted. Tap ‘Security & Privacy’ then Delete Account’ at the bottom of your account screen, and follow the prompts. Then uninstall the app. Before deleting your account, we encourage you to email the Sniip Support Squad or call (07) 3268 7710. We would love for you to continue to enjoy the benefits of Sniip and our Sniip Support Squad is always here to assist you if you have any questions or queries.

Can I merge accounts?

Sure! If for any reason you have multiple Sniip accounts, please email the Sniip Support Squad to have your accounts merged. 

An example of multiple accounts is having one account linked to an email, and a seperate account linked to your mobile number. 

Merging your accounts will ensure that no previous bills or transactions are lost, and will be under one account moving forward.

Can I use Sniip if I’m outside Australia?

Short answer: Yes!

Long answer: You can use Sniip if you’re outside Australia, however as part of our stringent fraud management protocols, any bill payment that we identify as being paid outside Australia will be flagged for review. In this instance, you will be contacted to verify your account as part of our Know Your Customer (KYC) process. 

Once we have verified you as a user and confirmed you are either travelling or living abroad, we will make a note on your account and you can continue to use Sniip to make bill payments. If you are unsure what is an appropriate form of ID, please see here. 

We appreciate this can be an onerous task. At Sniip, customer protection, card security and fraud prevention is our highest priority for the safety of all our users! 

If you are wanting to install Sniip whilst overseas, please see ‘Using Sniip Overseas’. 

If you need any assistance, we’re happy to help! Contact our Sniip Support Squad or call (07) 3267 7710.

How do I remove or change my card details?

Under ‘Payment Methods’ in the app, you can easily edit or remove a card! 

Simply swipe to find the card you need to update, and tap ‘edit’ at the bottom of the screen. This will open the edit function, where you can update your card details. 

Alternatively, there is a delete icon in the top right corner of the app where you can remove your card. 

What is the Share Price of Sniip?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions about Sniip on Google! Thanks for your interest. Right now we’re an unlisted public company, so we do not publish a share price. 

If you’d like to discuss investing in Sniip, please email

How do I remove an m-Billing subscription?

To remove an m-Billing subscription, tap the menu icon in the top left-hand corner and tap ‘m-Billing subscriptions’. Tap ‘Remove’ on the selected subscription.

How do I register for m-Billing?

At the moment, m-Billing is only available for Toowoomba City Council. If you are unable to register for m-Billing, please contact your council and express your interest in using Sniip to receive future bills via your mobile.

What is m-Billing?

At the moment, m-Billing is only available for Toowoomba City Council. Go paperless and choose to receive your bills straight into Sniip. Get a push notification when new bills arrive and have them stored in your ‘To-Do’ list until they’re paid. You’ll never miss a payment again!

I have a suggested feature idea!

Great! At Sniip, your experience is our number one priority. We are always trying to improve the service we deliver in our product roadmap.

If you have a suggestion you’d like to see in the app, we’d love to hear it! Please email the Sniip Support Squad or call (07) 3268 7710 to discuss your suggested feature idea.