Turn your mobile into the ultimate bill payment experience.

Pay on your mobile.

Sniip® is a free mobile app that allows you to pay a bill in less than 10 seconds! Once registered, simply scan a Sniip® code and confirm your payment with a 4-digit PIN.

It’s fast and easy!

Registration only takes a minute and gives you your own mobile wallet. Now you never have to enter credit card and shipping details again, giving you a much faster and easier checkout experience.

Your information stays safe and securely locked in your phone with the added security of a 4-digit PIN.

Create a mobile wallet.


Go paperless!

Sniip® enables you to migrate to paperless billing seamlessly. Once you elect to receive your bills straight into the Sniip® app, you’ll receive a push notification to let you know you have a bill ready for payment. It will sit in your m-Billing™ inbox until it’s paid, so it can’t get lost among spam-like emails and you’ll never miss a payment again!

All your favourite brands in one place.

Sniip® brings together a variety of retail shopping brands under one easy to use app. You can shop across the entire Sniip® community of retailers, on your mobile, 24/7. Coming soon!

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Available for free download on the iOS App Store or the Google Play Store.

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Let’s work together.

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