Top 5 FAQ revealed

Here are the top 5 questions that you have been asking us this week! 

Can I pay with my credit card without using Apple Pay?

You sure can! You can manually add or scan your credit/debit cards. To do this, select the “Wallet” tab at the bottom of the Sniip app, then select the small “+” icon in the top right corner of the screen. You can then add your card details.

When making a bill payment, Apple Pay is the default payment method. To select an alternate payment method, simply swipe right on the Apple Pay logo to select your preferred option.

Why was my Amex card charged $1 before paying a bill?

When you add a credit card to the Sniip app, we make a $1 authorisation charge to the card. This dollar will be refunded back to you as soon as possible. Please note, This authorisation is not applicable to debit cards.

Will I earn points when using other credits cards that are not Amex?

Great question! You are still eligible to gain points using any credit card attached to a loyalty program. When using one of these cards, you will gain full points when using the Sniip app to pay your bills. 

Can I make partial payments to billers that only accept full payments?

In the Sniip app, we allow users to set-up instalment plans (using their own money) to pay off their bills. Unfortunately, certain billers require you to pay the full amount in one transaction. Examples of payments that cannot be paid in installments include, car registration, fines and licence renewal fees.

Why can’t I make a payment to another credit card or debt facility using a different credit card?

Unfortunately, there are restrictions in place prohibiting payments to certain billers using credit cards, as determined by BPAY and our banking partners. This includes not being able to pay credit facilities with a credit card.  If you wish to use a debit card to pay this biller, Sniip may be able to facilitate this transaction, depending on the bill you are paying.. 

Do you have any questions about Sniip? Call us at (07) 3268 7710 or email at info@sniip.com

New Feature Alert: Nicknames and enables

1. Bill nicknames for emails 

Gone are the days of searching the reference number to work out which bill is which. You can now distinguish bills from the same biller by adding a biller nickname.

Simply add the bill to the Sniip app, tap on the biller name for example, ‘Brisbane City Council’. Next, add your bill description, for example, ‘My house’ or, ‘1 Example St, Brisbane’. 

Now, you’ll see a handy nickname to differentiate which bill is which when we email you reminders, schedule payment confirmations, receipts, etc. You’ll see the nickname in the subject line so it’s all easy breezy to navigate. 

2. New biller alerts

Ever added a bill to the Sniip app that wasn’t enabled? No worries! From time-to-time we’ll need to enable payment for certain billers.

You’ll now receive one simple push notification and email to let you know when your biller is enabled. You can then pop into the Sniip app and pay your now bill with ease. Simple!

If there a feature you’d like to see in the Sniip app? No worries! Let us know at customercare@sniip.com or give us a call at 3268 7710. We’d love to hear from you. 

Announcement: Sniip partners with Apple Pay

Apple Pay is now available when making a payment for any supported BPAY bill in the Sniip app.  

How do I use Apple Pay with Sniip? 

Add your bill to the Sniip and tap ‘pay’. If your mobile device or tablet supports Apple Pay, and your billers supports BPAY, you’ll notice Apple Pay is the first option on your pay screen. 

  1. Choose card type to use with Apple Pay (Visa/ Mastercard or American Express) 
  2. Select ‘Pay with Apple Pay’ on the bottom of your screen. 
  3. Select your payment card 
  4. Double-click to pay. Done! 

How do I add Apple Pay to the Sniip app? 

If your Apple device supports Apple Pay, it’s automatically added! When you go to pay a supported BPAY bill, you’ll notice Apple Pay is the first choice for payment.  

The card I want to use to pay my bill isn’t in my Apple Pay Wallet, what do I do? 

If your Apple Wallet has no cards, set-up, simply navigate out to the Sniip app to your Apple Wallet app. 

Tap the ‘+’ in the top right corner and follow the prompts to add your card. 

Return to the Sniip app and select the card you just added to pay your bill.  

I don’t have any cards in my Apple Wallet, how do I add them? 

If your Apple Pay wallet doesn’t contain the card you want to pay with. No worries! You can easily add it when paying your bill. Simply select Visa/ Mastercard or American Express. 

A pop-up will appear saying, “Add Card to Apple Pay”, select “Add Card”. Then continue with setting up the card in your Apple Walley. 

Are there any additional processing fees for paying with Apple Pay? 

The same processing fees apply when you use Apple Pay as when you use your Sniip wallet. 

Debit cards are free. Visa, Mastercard and Amex credit cards are 1.5%. International cards incur a 3% processing fee. 

Do I still earn full points on my Amex transactions when I use Apple Pay? 

Absolutely! You earn full points when paying your bills on a points earning card in the Sniip app. This applies when using Apple Pay too. 

If you have any questions, we’re here for you! Simply contact customercare@sniip.com or call (07) 3268 7710

New Feature Alert: Auto-bill Import

Well, guess what!?

We’re back again with another fantastic feature for you in the Sniip app! Make your life easier with auto-bill import

That’s right, if you have a Gmail or Microsoft account*, you can now have your bills containing a BPAY Biller Code automatically imported into the Sniip app ready for payment. 

Here’s how you can activate the new feature: 

1. Open the Sniip app and tap the menu bar on the top left of the screen. 

2. Select “Import from email” and tap “Connect Google”, “Connect Microsoft Exchange” or “Connect Microsoft Outlook”. 

3. Enter the email address you’d like your bills imported from and authorise.

4. You’re done! You’ll receive a ‘push’ notification on your mobile when your bill lands in the Sniip app and is ready for payment.   

*TOP TIP: This feature is currently only available for Gmail and Microsoft accounts (with more accounts coming soon). If you use a work or business account and have a custom email domain, ask your technical team if it’s hosted by Gmail. If the answer is yes, you’ll be able to use the feature! 

If you have any questions at all, email our friendly team at support@sniip.com or call (07) 3268 7710. We’re here for you! 

Supported Microsoft accounts for email auto-import:

Bing bing.com
Bing bing.net
Bing bing.co.uk
Bing bing.co
Bing Bar bingbar.com
Bing Bar bingbar.net
Bing Toolbar bingtoolbar.com
Hotmail hotmail.com
Hotmail hotmail.co.uk
Hotmail hotmail.eu
Hotmail hotmail.co
Hotmail hotmail.net
Hotmail hotmail.org
Windows Live live.com
Windows Live live.co.uk
Windows Live live.net
Windows Live live.co
Windows Live live.org
Windows Live live.eu
Internet Explorer internetexplorer.com
Internet Explorer internetexplorer.co
Internet Explorer 8 ie8.co
Internet Explorer 9 ie9.com
Internet Explorer 10 ie10.com
Internet Explorer 11 ie11.com
Microsoft Education Partner Network mepn.com
Microsoft Silverlight microsoftsilverlight.com
Microsoft Silverlight microsoftsilverlight.org
Microsoft Silverlight microsoftsilverlight.net
Microsoft SQL Server microsoftsqlserver.com
Microsoft SQL Server sqlserver.net
Microsoft Visual Studio microsoftvisualstudio.com
Microsoft Visual Studio microsoftvisualstudio.net
Microsoft Visual Studio visualstudio.com
Microsoft Visual Studio visualstudio.co.uk
Microsoft Visual Studio visualstudio.net
Microsoft Visual Studio visualstudio.eu
Microsoft Visual Studio visualstudio.co
SkyDrive skydrive.com
SkyDrive skydrive.co
OneDrive onedrive.com
OneDrive onedrive.co.uk
OneDrive onedrive.net
OneDrive onedrive.org
OneDrive onedrive.co
OneDrive onedrive.eu
OneDrive 1drv.ms
Skype skype.com
Skype skype.org
Skype skype.net
Skype skype.co.uk
Skype skype.co
Skype skype.eu
Outlook.com outlook.com
Outlook.com outlook.org
Outlook.com outlook.co
Outlook.com outlook.eu
Windows Mobile windowsmobile.com
Windows Mobile windowsmobile.co.uk
Windows Mobile windowsmobile.org
Windows Mobile windowsmobile.co
Windows Mobile windowsmobile.eu
Windows Phone windowsphone.com
Windows Phone windowsphone.co.uk
Windows Phone windowsphone.org
Windows Phone windowsphone.co
Windows Phone windowsphone.net
Zune zune.com
Zune zune.co.uk
Zune zune.org
Zune zune.net
Zune zune.co
Zune zune.eu
Xbox xbox.com
Xbox xbox.co.uk
Xbox xbox.org
Xbox xbox.co
Xbox xbox.eu
Xbox 360 xbox360.com
Xbox 360 xbox360.co.uk
Xbox 360 xbox360.co
Xbox 360 xbox360.eu
Xbox 360 xbox360.org
Xbox One xboxone.com
Xbox One xboxone.co.uk
Xbox One xboxone.co
Xbox One xboxone.eu
Microsoft Office office.com
Office 365 microsoftonline.com

Sniip Partners with American Express

Brisbane-based fintech unlocks BPAY bill payments for American Express card members

Mobile bill payments platform, Sniip has today partnered with American Express to enable Australian American Express card members to easily pay bills.

The move unlocks BPAY’s 60,000-strong network of billers that can now be paid via American Express through Sniip. 

“Until now, customers have often not been given the option to pay their household bills using an American Express card, as many businesses have not made it available for their customers. Through our new partnership with American Express, card members now have the ease and convenience of using their American Express card through the Sniip app, at the same cost as other card providers,” said Damien Vasta, CEO of Sniip.

Robert Tedesco, Vice President of American Express Global Merchant Services said, “Sniip has a customer-centric approach to the bill payment experience. Our partnership with Sniip allows American Express card members to use their card to pay any biller that accepts payments through BPAY and still have the benefit of accruing all the same great rewards points.”

Sniip’s customer first approach allows time-poor consumers to pay and manage any bill on their mobile. The app revolutionises bill management, a task that is still performed manually 74% of the time.

Users can scan the BPAY Biller Code or import a bill from their email using the Sniip app and pay in less than 10 seconds, using any debit or credit card. 

The partnership is expected to help Sniip rapidly scale its business, building on its strong foundation of more than 30,000 customers already using its platform which has processed more than $80 million worth of bill payments. 

“As part of the agreement, Sniip will be promoted via the Amex Offers Program to all Australian American Express card members. This is a great way to offer the benefits of the Sniip app to a large network of people, all of whom pay bills, with an added incentive for first-time users” said Sniip Chief Executive Damien Vasta.

The partnership follows Sniip’s recent enablement as a BPAY Payer Institution Member (PIM) earlier this year, having been sponsored into the BPAY scheme by e-payments giant, Indue Ltd.

About Sniip

Sniip is a mobile bill payments platform allowing consumers to easily pay their bills via the Sniip app, using any debit or credit card. Users can scan a BPAY Biller Code or import a bill from their email using the Sniip app and pay their bills in less than 10 seconds. Learn more or download our app at sniip.com

About American Express

American Express is a globally integrated payments company, providing customers with access to products, insights and experiences that enrich lives and build business success.  Learn more at americanexpress.com.au and connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube

For further information please contact: 


Emma Lewis, +61 (0)401 877 876; elewis@citadelmagnus.com 

Catherine Strong, +61 (0)406 759 268; cstrong@citadelmagnus.com


We completely understand 2020 was a tough year for most. As a result, we could often do with a little more time to get those never-ending bill payments sorted!

What are we doing to assist? You can now pay off your bill in instalments with the Sniip app.

Here’s how to use Sniip instalment plans:

1. Add your bill to the Sniip app by scanning any BPAY Biller Code or by importing your bill from email.

2. Select ‘Schedule’, then ‘Create instalment plan’

3. Enter the date you’d like the instalment to start and the frequency you’d like them to come out (weekly, monthly, quarterly etc). Your instalment plan schedule will be put together for you to ensure you’re paid in full when the bill is due. Done!

Please note, this isn’t a ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ offering (watch this space) – rather, this feature gives you the flexibility to pay off your bill in instalments, without missing the due date.

Fast five: holiday hacks to save you serious $$

1. Do a little (read: a lot) DIY

Last week we touched on the idea of DIY pot plants

Now we’ve planted the seed, we wanted to build upon it. The reality is, you can DIY pretty much anything for Christmas and save yourself some serious $$$. 

From your gift-wrap to your present tags, Christmas cards, the gift themselves and of course, who wouldn’t love a DIY baked good for Christmas

2. Don’t buy presents for yourself

We see you adding that extra item to the cart. A little something for the list, a little something for yourself can spiral out of control quite quickly and blow the budget. 

As tough as it is, resist the urge. It’s likely the item you’re chasing will be available in the New Year when your gift giving finances have had a little breather. 

3. Unsubscribe from marketing emails 

If you’re not in the market for something, you likely don’t need to be receiving marketing emails. If you are in the market for something, it’s easy enough to find a deal/ discount when you need it.  It’s amazing how often you find you “need” something just because it’s on sale. 

It might be time to do a quick little stocktake/cleanse of your inbox and determine which emails you need to be receiving and which ones are a little too tempting. 

4. Think out of the box for a holiday 

The international and potentially interstate borders where you live may not be open for Christmas and let’s be honest, there may be no room for travel in the budget this year.  

A little staycation can be a fun way to switch it up and feel like you’re had a break. Sometimes a little distance from the house, away from chores and whatnot is a holiday in itself. 

Perhaps go camping and explore a local National Park. Or, if you’re not up for roughing it, support a local business and book a few days at a nearby hotel or perhaps an Airbnb.

5. Bank the points 

If you pay your bills with the Sniip app, you can earn full points on your points earning bank card. 

While the international borders are closed right now, why not bank those precious loyalty points now. That way, when you’re ready to fly again, you can take off in style! 

Five tips for a financially savvy festive season

1. Get in early

Write a list of every person you have to buy for and add a rough idea of what you’d like to buy them. Now, it’s time to get in and start ticking each person (or pet) off. 

Set aside time in your diary to shop in person, or online and smash it out. Most importantly, start now and cross each person off as you get their gift. You’ll get a little burst of achievement with every person you tick off and will be ready to move onto the next. 

By getting in early, you’ll avoid the express shipping costs incurred when you’re scrambling to ensure the gift arrives in time for Christmas day. Plus, you’ll ensure your loved ones don’t end up in an episode of Friends with a gift from the local petrol station. We’ve all been there. 

2. Set a budget (and stick to it) 

Maybe you’ve got $10 to spend on Christmas, or maybe you’ve got $1,000. Perhaps there’s people you like to splurge on in your family/ friendship group and there’s others you want to give a token of your appreciation. Divvy up your list with a budget for each person and challenge yourself to stick to it. 

If $10/$20 seems unachievable, it might be time to get crafty. A terracotta pot from Bunnings can easily be jazzed up with some paint and a small plant. 

And keep in mind, an experience often costs less than a gift and could be as simple as a voucher for the recipient’s local coffee shop. Supporting small business, and on-budget is a double win. 

3. Trim the fat 

Are there monthly or recurring subscriptions you could pop on hold over the festive season?  

Maybe you’re planning to head away over Christmas and don’t intend on hitting up the gym. Perhaps you plan on doing some Christmas cooking and could probably put that weekly food subscription service on hold for a while to save some money. 

Not sure of what other subscriptions you have? Here’s how you can see mobile subscriptions on iOS and Android. You might be surprised to see what sneaky subscriptions you’re still forking out for. 

4. Group the gifting 

Are you from a big family, friendship group or workplace?

Cut down on the cost of individual gifts and suggest a Secret Santa this year and save yourself some serious gift money. The budget might be as simple as $10 or $150, it’s really up to you! 

There’s a bunch of online tools to make the process easier (we like Drawnames) and those in the group can make suggestions of what they’d like. Participants can add online links to make the process smooth, simple and cost effective for all involved.  

5. Avoid late fees 

Sometimes you might head away for Christmas and other times you’re just so focused on relaxing, spending time with family and having a bit of a digital detox that bills can creep up. 

Add your upcoming bills to the Sniip app now, select when you’d like them to be paid then set and forget, enjoy your Christmas and know your bill are sorted without any painful late fees. 

Stats show 90 per cent of bills paid using the Sniip app are paid on or before the due date (probably because it’s so fast and easy!). That means more money for Christmas and less money burnt on late fees. 

Between a Rock and a Soft Copy, part 1

Late last year the treasury released a consultation paper on the issue of paper billing. The paper raised the notion of banning, limiting or otherwise pushing back against any companies who were charging customers for opting to receive their bills on paper rather than electronically.

On the surface, this looks like a positive move to protect consumers, while encouraging billers to move towards a digital solution.

But will this really solve our billing problem? Here are my preliminary thoughts.

From one hard choice to another: the rock

It’s great to see the government responding to the changes happening in this area, and the broader transition they are part of. But there is a sense that billers are being pushed from one challenging option to another.

Paper bills can be expensive for the biller, and we’re all aware of the environmental concerns. This is why much of the world is moving towards digital solutions in almost every industry.

And when you think about it, the process is actually quite strange: information is transferred out of a digital system (the biller’s payment system) to be physically posted through the mail and then eventually put back into a digital payment method (the bill payer’s online banking). Crazy!

However, there is a backhanded advantage to paper billing that keeps some billers (and bill payers) holding on: because it costs time and resources to send a letter, we receive far fewer of them.

This means there’s no spam filter snagging paper bills, and generally less chance of us missing them in a crowded inbox. And missing email bills can result in a failure to pay on time, leading to interrupted cash flow for billers, and late payment fees for bill payers… making paper billing look slightly more attractive for both parties after all. So, it’s quite the dilemma.

A not-so-digital alternative: the soft copy

And on the flipside, what exactly are these “electronic” bills?

The email itself is not the bill, but has a pdf attachment which simulates a physical letter and from which data must be manually extracted and inputted into a different online location. This process is almost identical to what is required when receiving a paper bill.

Replacing the physical paper bill with a PDF copy is undoubtedly a positive first step. But it does demonstrate how far we have yet to come. True transformation into the frictionless world of digital technology will require more than simply creating a soft-copy version of the old way of doing things.

Just as the switch to motorised vehicles from animal powered transport required a whole new regulatory framework, the government is right to apply new legislative frameworks to guide a fair transition from paper to digital billing.

But instead of applying these frameworks to our old horse-drawn carriages, we need to look for ways to lay down tarmac first. Only then will it be time to consider speed limits.

It’s your fault you’re not getting paid.

Why don’t my customers ever pay on time? It’s a question business owners have been asking since the dawn of commerce.

The answer could be that your customers are just not nice people. They want to use your services, but don’t want to pay for the privilege. They think they can put off paying for as long as possible. That if they wait long enough, you might just forget, and they’ll never have to foot the bill.

This is possible. But it’s not very probable.

Because the reality is that 99 per cent of the time, your customers do actually want to pay you on time. Which leads me to point out something you may now want to hear: it’s probably your fault you’re not getting paid.

But this is great! Because it means you have the power to fix the issue.

Below are three reasons your own billing system may be causing your late payments – and what you can do to fix this.

  1. Your bills aren’t getting noticed

Outside of the recent postal survey which drove thousands of Australians to check their letterboxes each day, fewer of us are now doing this as a matter of habit.

Not only are far fewer people sending snail mail these days, but Australia Post has also reduced the frequency of its deliveries anyway. Letters aren’t really a “thing” anymore, so good luck getting your bills noticed via the mail!

Email inboxes, on the other hand, have unfortunately gone the other way. They’ve become a magnet for absolute crap, with spam and junk folders overflowing. Email bills often make their way to this cesspool of subscriptions and one-time-only!!! email offers that often get ignored for weeks. No deal.

But what’s the one thing that we all check approximately 74,296,748 times each day, and don’t ever leave the house without? You got it – our smartphones.

Billing systems that use push notifications to remind customers a bill is ready instantly eliminate the above issues. They offer a timely and simple solution for customers, and faster payment for you. Win, win.

  1. Your bills are super annoying to pay

I recently stumbled upon my password “cheat sheet”, and noticed in horror that I’d somehow managed to fill two A4 pages in size 10 font full of passwords over my short lifetime.

This is super annoying.

So is having to extract new numbers from a paper bill, by finding a computer and manually opening a new web page, and painstakingly type in said numbers, because copy and paste doesn’t work from paper to computer.

This is again super annoying.

Don’t be annoying. Your customers want a billing system that involves a simple, one-time setup, after which point they can then pay all future bills in seconds without inputting the same – or new – information, over and over again. And they want it from their smartphones. After responding to a push notification.

Not annoying.

  1. Your bills look dodgy

Just recently, insurer AAMI got in a spot of trouble for sending out marketing collateral that looked like a bill. The story made prime time TV news, because many people had actually tried to pay this fake bill, and were outraged at being tricked.

In fact, my own inbox is often filled with fake invoices I am encouraged to !!!urgently!!! pay. And how many times has the King of Nigeria personally reached out to offer each of us riches he doesn’t actually have, if we just send him a small fee for a plane ticket first? Outrageous!

Scammers are everywhere. And the digital age has significantly increased this risk. For this reason, your billing system needs to use a payments portal that has a high level of security, which your customers can instantly trust.

So, don’t be like the King of Nigeria. Update your payments portal today.

And get yourself paid already!