Day: August 3, 2022

Our ten most popular recurring payments

recurring payments credit card
recurring payments credit card

Our ten most popular recurring payments

Introducing: Recurring bills! Today we’re revealing our ten most popular recurring payments set-up in the Sniip bill payment app. Wondering what bill you could make a recurring payment? 

To give you some inspiration, here’s our Top 10 recurring bills our users love paying with Sniip:
1. Water, waste and sewerage (Urban Utilities, Victorian Water Corp, etc)
2. Council rates 
3. Tax bills (Australian Taxation Office, Land Tax)
4. Rent (DEFT, RentPay, Meriton Property Services, PayWay rental and strata)
5. Phone, mobile and internet (Optus, Telstra, Vodafone, iiNet)
6. Energy (Origin, Momentum Energy, AGL)
7. Health insurance (Medibank, Bupa, AHM, HCF)
8. Real estate fees (Rich & Oliva, Abel Property) 
9. Superannuation (AustralianSuper, Rest Super)
10. Child care and school fees

How to set up a recurring bill payment

  1.  Scan or import the bill to Sniip 
  2. In the bill details, tap on ‘Schedule’ 
  3. Select ‘Recurring Payments’ 
  4. Select the frequency and end date for the payments 
  5. Confirm 
  6. Done! 
Manage all your recurring payments from the Scheduled section under ‘Bills’. When you set up a recurring payment with Sniip, you can pay all your normal direct debits with a credit card instead, and earn full points on your rewards credit card!

Fast Five: Our most frequently asked questions

Sniip Frequently Asked Questions
Sniip Frequently Asked Questions

Fast Five FAQ: Our most frequently asked questions this week

1. How do I redeem my rewards? I can’t work out how to apply the credit to my bill.

Great question! To redeem your Sniip rewards, simply navigate to the top left menu in the app. Tap on ‘Rewards’ and type in your rewards code. 

Then, next time you’re paying a bill*, make sure you move the toggle to ‘Use Sniip Rewards’ to redeem your rewards balance! 

*Please note: you need to make a payment of at least $50 to use Sniip Rewards. 

2. Where is Sniip customer service based?

Our customer service team is based in Brisbane, Australia and works from our head office. 

If you’re ever in the area, pop in and say hi! We love visits from our users.

3. My friend recommended me to use Sniip, but I’m based overseas, can I use the app?

Thanks for your interest in Sniip! We plan to expand our operations abroad, however, right now we’re an Australian-based company and  only Australian bills can be paid using the app. 

Usage of the app is limited to those living in Australia or traveling overseas temporarily. This is in place for a couple of reasons:

We facilitate payments made through BPAY, which is a uniquely Australian bill-payment scheme. As part of our onboarding, you need an Australian mobile number and need to be able to be called by Sniip on that number in the case of verification, refunds from billers or errors with payments. 

If you do not register with a legitimate phone number, Sniip has the right to withhold or quarantine your bill payments, until you have verified your mobile number (boring we know, but needed for the security of all our users).

4. Am I eligible to earn frequent flyer/ loyalty points with a credit card program when paying the ATO/ another biller?

Hey there points chaser! You sure can! With Sniip, you earn full points on your bill payment (including the processing fee). You are eligible to earn full points even if your biller doesn’t accept that payment method directly*.  

*Restricted/prohibited industries are ineligible for payments using Sniip.

5. My biller says 'Blocked', what does this mean and how do I get this reviewed?

All this means is that you simply need to upload the bill to Sniip to find out if it can be paid with Sniip. 

When you upload a bill to the app, it will let you know whether you are able to pay that specific bill. 

If you are unable to pay that bill it will either show ‘Biller unavailable (under review)’ or ‘Biller not currently available’. 

Your bill will be in the ‘To Pay’ tab, however it is unable to be paid until it has been reviewed by Sniip. 

We aim to review all billers within 24 hours. However, if you need them to be approved quicker, feel free to give us a call (details below) and we will try and review it as soon as possible. 

If your biller is approved, you’ll receive a push notification to your mobile (pictured above) as well as an email. If your biller is unable to be paid, it will remain as a ‘Blocked Biller’ (picture above). 

Unfortunately, as determined by our banking partners, there are certain restrictions regarding payments to certain billers, due to their risk profile. These include:

  • Remittance service provider
  • Charities and Not-for-Profit
  • Intermediaries
  • Pay-day lenders
  • Internet gambling
  • Casinos
  • Goods dealers
  • Foreign exchange currencies
  • Securities and derivatives
  • Managed investment schemes
  • International business operations
  • International students or travel products
  • Hiring and leasing
  • Banking and financial institutions

If there’s any urgency to your bill payment, we completely understand! Please email a copy of your invoice to Alternatively, call our Sniip Support Squad on (07) 3268 7710 and we’ll be happy to assist you and expedite the review process, where possible.

Introduction to Sniip and how it could benefit you

Introduction to Sniip
Introduction to Sniip

Introduction to Sniip and how it could benefit you

The payment app, Sniip, has disrupted the Australian digital payments world by providing a new way for people to pay and manage their personal bills. 

Since its inception, Sniip has continued to expand its offering, partnering with the likes of BPAY, American Express, Apple Pay and Google Pay to create a seamless bill payment experience. 

Keep reading to find out all you need to know about Sniip.

What is Sniip?

Sniip is a payment platform that allows you to pay personal and household expenses with any debit card, credit card or bank account, all through one easy app.

Sniip has created the easiest and fastest way to pay bills. As an accredited BPAY Payment Institution Member (PIM), Sniip has reinvented the way Australians pay and manage bills, completely transforming the bill-payment landscape. 

How does Sniip work?

As a payment platform

Sniip, is a Bill Payment Service Provider, and as a BPAY Payer Institution Member (PIM), it allows you to pay approximately 60,000+ BPAY billers with any payment method. 

Using a two-legged transaction process, Sniip allows you to pay your personal bills with any credit or debit card. The process is simple: Sniip receives the payment for the bill from a user and once these funds have cleared, Sniip processes that payment on your behalf via BPAY. 

In other words, Sniip aggregates all of your payment credentials into one central platform and allows you to choose the way you pay, irrespective of what the biller allows.

For example, Jane has a $50k personal tax bill to pay. She uses her American Express Velocity Platinum Card and pays $375 per annum for the card fee. She gets 1.25 Velocity points per $1 spent on purchases. 

When she pays the ATO with Sniip, she still earns 1.25 points per $1 spent, unlike paying the ATO directly where she would earn 0.5 points per $1 spent. When Jane pays with Sniip, she earns 63,437 Velocity points, which is enough to take her and her husband to Melbourne flying business class return!

As a bill management system

Sniip can help you to manage and organise all your bill payments. 

At a glance, the app dashboard allows you to see a summary of your bills and payments, allowing you to quickly keep track of upcoming bills and payments. 

You can set up auto-pay direct debit for your recurring bills, and have a summary of all your upcoming payments. 

Plus, you can set up auto-bill import, which allows any bills sent to your email account to automatically be received into the app, ready for payment. 

How much does Sniip cost?

Sniip is free to download from the Apple App Store or the Google Play store and there are no subscription fees! Personal and business transactions made with a credit card will incur a processing fee of 1.5% for Visa and Mastercard, with all payments earning full points. Business payments with an American Express receive our tiered rates, which can be viewed here. Personal American Express payments (excluding to the ATO and superannuation) receive a processing fee of 1.29%. You can learn more about payments to the ATO using an Amex here. Check out the complete list of processing fees, here. 

Sniip currently offers the best credit card rate for personal bill payments when compared to other bill-payment platforms.

Summary of key benefits:

Sniip is transforming the way you pay your personal, household and business bills. By paying your bills through Sniip, you can maximise your cash flow and unlock your full points-earning potential. 

Even better, Sniip provides a seamless payment experience, even allowing you to pay with Apple Pay or Google Pay, giving you back your valuable time to spend on more pleasant things in life than paying bills!